What makes Evaporative coolers so cool?

The human race has evolved, but even in ancient times they found ways to fight off the heat. Evaporative coolers has been around a very long time although, it was done in many variations. None were like the systems seen today. Faros had their slaves cool them by means of fanning air through water; the […]

Do You Need an Evaporative Cooler?

An evaporative cooler is a device that cools air by evaporating water. It is also known as a wet air cooler, swamp cooler and a desert cooler. The evaporative cooler is very different than the standard air conditioning system which utilizes either absorption refrigeration cycles or vapor compression. In comparison, an evaporative cooler has a […]

Evaporative Coolers Pros and Cons

Compared to the classic air conditioner, the design of an evaporative cooler is a great deal simpler. As well, an evaporative cooler humidifies and cools the air. The typical air conditioning pulls humidity out of the air and exchanges hot air for cool. Most specialists know that an evaporative cooler produces efficient and effective cooling […]

Evaporative Cooling vs. Air Conditioning

Not surprisingly, evaporative coolers are becoming more popular alternatives to traditional air conditioning systems, especially in hot and arid regions. Their rise to fame is mainly because of their suitability to these climates. The reliability of air conditioners cannot be denied but in some dry places in the country, it would be wiser to opt […]