Mobile Evaporative Coolers: Are they Worth Buying?

Evaporative portable air coolers are becoming increasingly used in residential settings and on the patios of restaurants and swimming pools. The question now is, why should a person consider purchasing an evaporative cooler? Continue reading as we go over several simple ways to beat the heat that won’t break the bank, won’t harm the environment, […]

Quiet & Comfort: How We Ensure Noise-Free Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are an easy-to-use alternative to HVAC systems. They are, however, loud. Let us investigate why evaporative coolers generate noise. What Causes Evaporative Coolers to Make Noise? In arid areas, evaporative coolers are more cost-effective than typical air conditioning systems. Instead of employing refrigeration, they rely on water absorbing a lot of heat to evaporate. Hot […]