The human race has evolved, but even in ancient times they found ways to fight off the heat. Evaporative coolers has been around a very long time although, it was done in many variations. None were like the systems seen today. Faros had their slaves cool them by means of fanning air through water; the Arabians used towers to funnel air down and through fountains, filling their buildings in turn with a cool breeze. Today we use evaporative units that have the same principal.

Evaporative units function at their peak when the air is dry and the humidity is low. Go for a quick swim and the get out of the pool, stepping into a cool breeze. Feel that cold air making your skin tingle? That is the effect of an evaporative unit. These units make use of the hot air outside. Pulling it in and then push it out through the water system, cooling and moisturising the air at the same time.

Evaporative coolers use a completely natural process, and do not need any coolants to provide you with cool air. Therefore the air you are provided with is clean and fresh. These units have a low initial cost and can save you outlays on your electric bill as well. They are also ozone friendly and have many health benefits.

For these units to be as effective as possible, you will require the correct amount of air flowing in through an open window or door. It pulls in hot air and blows out cool air, it will therefore also require an exit, and consequently, it is then advisable to have more than one window or door open. Experiment with your unit or ask a professional what the desired air flow ought to be. These units can also be built in or if you prefer, get a mobile unit.

Normal air-conditioning units requires coolants and produces stale, dry air. This can have quite a harmful impact on your health, where an evaporative unit removes the smoke, pollen, dust as well as pollution from the air and provides you with clean air to breath.

Evaporative coolers works so effectively due to the fact that they use pads, filled with water to cool the air. The water pump can be adjusted to allow the correct amount of water through, keeping the pads moistened all day long. With the precise amount of air flowing in and out of a room, an evaporative unit can become your new best friend.

So, all you have to remember is to keep the cooler filled with water, if not connected to a water hose. In addition to allowing enough air flow in and out of the room, keeping it perfectly balanced. Prevent heat from making you tired and less productive by getting your evaporative unit today. Talk to experts in this field and find out which unit will suit your needs best.

To find out more or to purchase your evaporative unit today, contact Evaporative Coolers directly, for fast and friendly service. Become 100% cool and get your unit installed as soon as possible.