Evaporative cooling has been around for centuries and is one of the first ways of effective cooling known to mankind. It requires very little power to make most spaces or homes comfortable. Although these units cannot be used everywhere, they can be effective in most homes. With a properly isolated home this cooling system becomes ideal. It is recommended for use in dry, hot climates as it works best in these conditions. They can be used for heating as well as cooling.

These cooling / heating units have multiple benefits except for being eco-friendly. Using an evaporative cooler will bring your energy bill down while providing you with fresh clean air. They are relatively lower in cost as well as maintenance than most other cooling units on the market. If used correctly, these units can provide the perfect humidity and air movement in any home.

There is minimal moisture loss in addition to providing you with air that is clean and healthy to breath. Other units may dry the air out or even add particles to the air that can cause illnesses. Adding shades to your windows for summer can also support in keeping you home cool. Many new homes are designed to have a more cooling effect without using cooling systems, but the older homes were not, thus cooling in summer and heating in winter is required.

Evaporative coolers can provide for your needs!

Most air-conditioning units circulate air within a room, causing it to dry out; this can cause problems of your skin drying out as well as to your eyes. Evaporative coolers draw fresh air from outside into your home, keeping it filled with moisture, this prevents your skin from drying while providing you with needed moisture all day long. Dry air can lead to allergy problems as well as asthma.

Air-conditioning units require all doors, windows and any area’s that allow air in to be covered in order to work, thus circulating the air within a room, no clean air comes in. Evaporative units prefer rooms where the air can be circulated, where the hot air can be pushed to the outside through doors and windows, thus providing breathable fresh air constantly. You can surely see the benefit of these units; in addition they can also prevent dust and bugs from entering your home.

You can install an evaporative cooler in every room or get a house unit fitted with thermostats plus timers!

These units use very little power, but they do use water, so keep water restrictions in mind if there are any in your area. Most portable units consume about four litres per hour where home systems can use up to twenty five litres per hour. The usage will depend on the outside temperatures. It is suggested that you ask your installation company to set the cooler on its lowest water use setting. Have your unit installed in a window or door that you may not be using any more.

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