An evaporative cooler is a device that cools air by evaporating water. It is also known as a wet air cooler, swamp cooler and a desert cooler. The evaporative cooler is very different than the standard air conditioning system which utilizes either absorption refrigeration cycles or vapor compression.

In comparison, an evaporative cooler has a simpler structure than the typical air conditioning system. The air is directed through a wet filter that is structured with moist pads. The filter pads are kept damp by the water pump. This simple method cools the air as well as adds humidity. Air conditioner systems pull moisture out of the air and replace hot air for cool.

Ideal Environment for an Evaporative Cooler

Air conditioning systems are the most prevalent air coolers used. Unfortunately they are not always very effective in certain environments. If you live in an area where the humidity is high, then the standard air conditioner is probably your best option. On the other hand, low humidity regions like the desert have very little moisture. An evaporative cooler is definitely the better choice in low humidity areas.

Evaporative air coolers can offer natural methods plus cost effective cooling. The cooled air is generally around 15-40°F, which is a nice welcome relief from the seasons heat. Additionally, the added moisture will make it easier to breathe and stay comfortable.

Lowering Overall Costs

Evaporative air coolers are easy on the budget. Compared to the standard air cooler, evaporative coolers are a lot more cost effective. Standard air coolers use vast amounts of energy whereas evaporative coolers very energy efficient.

As well, wet air coolers are very low maintenance. Aside from periodic inspection, maintenance involves changing the filter every so often. Just remember that clean filters produce clean air. Other minor maintenance includes refilling the water supply and draining the unit.

Evaporative coolers also have low installation costs. When it comes to installation, they are generally about half the cost of air conditioning systems.

Types of Evaporative Coolers

There are three basic types of evaporative coolers for home use.

Direct Evaporative Coolers: An open circuit that lowers the temperature and increases humidity by changing water into vapor. The process involves transforming the warm dry air to cool moist air.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling: A closed circuit system that is similar to direct evaporative coolers. The design utilizes a heat exchanger. The cooled moist air from the direct evaporative cooling process never comes in direct contact with the conditioned air source

Two-stage Evaporative Cooling: Also known an indirect cooling system. It is a traditional cooling system that uses vapor compression. This type of system creates a lot of humidity and is beneficial in areas that are dry.