Nobody can deny the fact that having an air conditioner is expensive both in buying the product and also the cost to operate the actual air conditioner. Today with the way the economy, the risk of chemicals released into our air and many other issues arise in our world it is more likely that people would want to switch to Evaporative cooling systems.

One of the more major problems is the shortage of the electrical lines in bigger cities. Places like New York, Chicago, Dallas and California are particularly susceptible to these problems. Basically meaning the bigger the city the more people it holds and let’s face it big cities have very large populations. This causes the problem of power lines not being able to be put up quickly enough due to population rises in larger cities.

There are pros and cons to both units, however the good things about having evaporative coolers outweighs the bad. We will go over the differences in both units so that you can see which is a better deal and which unit suits your needs the most.

Evaporative Coolers:

With evaporative coolers you still need electricity to run the unit. However the cost to run one is a lot less than running a central heat and air unit or window units. There are two types of evaporative cooling which consist of direct and indirect.

Indirect evaporative coolers do not add moisture to the air; instead water is added to the exhaust just before it enters the heat exchange, therefor causing the temperature to lower.

Direct evaporative coolers release water directly into the air which adds moisture to the environment in which you are cooling. The good thing about these is it typically only takes air and water to run these coolers. They are a lot cheaper by any means than other cooling sources.

With portable air conditioners, it is a little different and they are not made for really large spaces so to speak. They can be used for cooling equipment and small to medium sized rooms.

If you have a one bedroom apartment and window units are not permitted in your building or apartment then this is probably the best option for you. These portable units still require electricity but not near the amount it takes to run a window unit in your home. On the downside the portable air units can run higher than your normal units or the evaporative units.

With both units you need to take into consideration the size of the area in which you are cooling.

A system too small will lead to a under cooled area and run more electricity and an area to small will cause the room to get too cold to fast and leave to much moisture in the air. There are many things to consider when looking at both units. You have to make sure you’re getting the right size unit for the area that the unit will be in.