When considering air cooling systems, there are a couple of thing to keep in mind before deciding which system is best suited for your needs.

Herewith some of those differences between air-conditioning and evaporative cooler systems

An air-conditioning units primarily changes the properties of air currently found within a room. Thus it removes the hot air and replaces it with cooler air. Changing the humidity of the air, the temperature as well as quality. These units also use an excessive amount of power, therefore it is recommended to be used only for short periods of time, unless the room it is used in is sealed completely this may not be an option. This will aid in its effectiveness as long as there is no entry point for hot air from the outside.

An evaporative cooler also has the basic principal of cooling the air within a room, however with this system, the air within a room is permanently circulating. The evaporative unit draws in hot air from outside of the room and releases cooled air into the room. This system does not remover the humidity or change the quality of the air within said space. These systems are much more energy efficient and also does not require a sealed room to function properly, in fact it requires a ventilated area. These systems are more suitable for use in dry, humid climates, but can work anywhere.

An air-conditioning unit or system, works a lot like a refrigerator. It has a condenser and a compressor that is used to cool the air as it moves through the system. This however could also be the cause of micro-organisms being released into the air, holding many health issues in hand. Thus a lot of maintenance is required to keep the air of these units clean and healthy. Excessive use of these units could also create dry skin and in some cases even dehydration.

An evaporative unit due to the fact that it uses fresh air constantly, and pushes this air through a running water system, provides you with cool, fresh and healthy air. It keeps the air moist, thus cannot cause dry skin or dehydration. Evaporative systems or units, can sufficiently lower a room’s temperature without leaving any dangerous micro-organisms.

Air-conditioning units are quite costly to have installed initially, while an evaporative unit is more affordable. Additionally the maintenance require on an evaporative unit is also much less that one would have with an air-conditioning unit. An evaporative unit is eco-friendly whereas and air-conditioning unit is not known to be extremely eco-friendly. An air-conditioning unit dries out the air and could also release micro-organisms into the air. With an evaporative unit, the air is pure and clean while still containing the needed moisture.

These are the facts, the option is now yours. Whatever you select to use, you know the variances! If you would however find yourself, to be in need of more information on evaporative systems or units, feel free to visitEvaporative-coolers. Their systems can offer you the cooling you desire with all the benefits.