The Trend in Mobile Evaporative Coolers Across VIC

Mobile evaporative coolers have been growing in popularity across Victoria, particularly in areas with hot and dry climates. These coolers work by using water to cool and humidify the air, providing a refreshing breeze that can be particularly effective in areas with low humidity. One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of mobile evaporative […]

Considerations Before Selecting A Mobile Evaporative Cooling System

Evaporative cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular for their cost-effective, energy-efficient, eco-friendly solutions. Mobile evaporative cooling systems are particularly attractive for people who want to enjoy cool and refreshing air in different areas without the expense of a central air conditioning system. However, before selecting a mobile evaporative cooling system, several important considerations must be […]

The Role of Variable Speed Controllers in our QC48 Evaporative Coolers

Explore the role of variable speed controllers in enhancing QC48 evaporative coolers. Offered by Peter Ross Enterprises, optimise your cooling performance today. The QuietCool or QC48 Evaporative Coolers are cooling systems that can be installed and maximised in workplaces, warehouses, factories, and other commercial areas. They can make large hot areas cooler effectively compared to […]