Commercial evaporative coolers are used for factories, warehouses and large garages. Therefore it is imperative that you get an industrial type cooler to keep the building comfortable at all times. The appropriate cooler will save money and be a lot more effective in cooling.

Unlike the classic air conditioner, the design of an evaporative is much simpler. With an uncomplicated design, a building can be cooled more proficiently and successfully by integrating water vaporization with a dependable air-moving system. Additionally, a commercial evaporative cooler humidifies and cools the air instead of drawing humidity out of the air and exchanging hot air for cool.

The Benefits of Commercial Evaporative Coolers in a Factory

There are numerous benefits of commercial evaporative coolers in a factory. One of the most paramount features is that it generates more profit. For one, by keeping your work areas cool your staff can work more comfortably and efficiently. In fact, cooler air will greatly improve attitudes and increase productivity in workers.

When compared to the typical air conditioner, commercial evaporative coolers are a whole lot more cost effective. Not only are they energy efficient but installation costs are minimal. In actual fact, commercial evaporative coolers use up to 75 percent less electricity than the standard air conditioner. Consequently, this adds up to substantial savings, especially in dry and hot climates.

Evaporative cooling systems also filter air more effectively. It is designed to distribute cool air and trap airborne particles like dust or pollen. What is more, an evaporative cooler does not use refrigerants for cooling such as chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). Because evaporative cooling systems are Eco friendly they lower overall costs and eliminate greenhouse gases. So when it comes to lowering costs, many factors will reduce your staffs sick time and medical leave.

Another great benefit of commercial evaporative coolers is that they require minimal repair and maintenance. This makes for a more productive environment and significantly reduces down time due to malfunction. Commercial evaporative coolers are simple to install and do not require any ductwork. In addition, the system does not need a high amperage circuit and operates on 120-volts and can be plugged into any standard outlet. In fact, there is even portable industrial type coolers that can be placed wherever needed.

The Right Commercial Evaporative Coolers for a Factory

On the whole, a commercial evaporative cooler is the perfect choice for air conditioning, especially for large buildings like a factory. They are ideally suited for industrial and commercial application. However, when choosing a commercial evaporative cooler for a factory it is important that the appropriate system is used. You want a system that cools large hot areas efficiently and effectively.

At Evaporative-Coolers Victoria they have a wide selection of commercial evaporative coolers to fit your exact needs. Their industrial duty fans are constructed of rotomoulded corrosion free polyethylene and have a high efficiency with a variable speed of 240p volt with a fully enclosed motor. The pump is maintenance free with a high efficiency using only 80 watts. This is a lot lower than a central air conditioner that uses from 1440 to 3500 watts. Even the power supply of a typical air conditioner located on a roof needs about 2,800 watts to jump start it. The power supply of a commercial evaporative cooler only needs 240 volts and uses a standard garden hose for its water supply.

The QuietCool system supplied by Evaporative-Coolers Victoria just needs to be plugged in and you can cool off any hot area very quickly! They are designed with a large volume cooling capacity for cooling big areas. In truth, the QuietCool is ideal for efficiently cooling factories and other large facilities.