An evaporative cooler pulls in warm air, pushes it through moistened pads and releases cool air into the room. The pads are soaked by a water line, usually found at the top of the pads, which releases small amounts onto the pads, keeping them wet. The excess water is in turn collected at the bottom of the pads and pumped back to the tank. A water supply hose can be connected to your evaporative unit or water can be placed in the tank manually. Normal usage of such a system is about three to fifteen gallons within a day, also dependable on the humidity.

So, will such a system be sufficient for your needs? The effect caused by an evaporative system in your home is basically the same as standing next to a garden sprayer, and adding a cool breeze to it.

These units are great to cool one room or a whole house if a system is installed. They are also extremely cost effective and use very little power. An air-conditioning unit may dry out the air while an evaporative unit cools the air while also adding moisture. An evaporative cooler similarly provides you with fresh, clean air to breath.

The dryer your air is the better effect an evaporative cooler will have. An evaporative cooler can bring temperatures within a room down by about 6 degrees. It also provides you with a cool breeze, making it very effective in dry hot temperatures. The hotter your day gets outside, the cooler it will make the temperature within the room.

Like everything in life, there is a perfect fit for you when it comes to evaporative coolers. There are portable units, you can easily move around with you, as you move from room to room. You can also have an evaporative system installed, which will then provide you with sufficient cooling throughout your entire home.

How can you save with an evaporative cooler? Except for these units being very affordable, they also do not require a lot of maintenance, and they can also bring down your electric bill. These units are also known to be environment friendly. They are also safer to use than most alternative systems as they require no coolants.

With technological advancements seen daily, evaporative coolers are becoming more and more effective in addition to becoming extremely popular. These advancements are also making these systems more cost effective and safe. Due to the fact that you only require 120 volt for the evaporative unit to run, you will not need special circuits installed in your home. Simply plug it in and switch it on.

Remember to open at least one window as an evaporative unit requires outside air to work effectively, not like other air-conditioning units that just circulate the air within a room. If you have a small portable unit you can even place it in front of the open window, or have your system built in where there is a window, replacing the window.

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