Do you have a workshop that gets too hot? If this is the case, you’re probably searching for a means to keep it cool so you can spend more time there. Your initial idea is probably that a workshop fan will suffice. Will it, however? A workshop fan may be useful in some instances, but in many cases, it will simply not accomplish the job you want it to.

Continue reading to find out if a basic fan would be enough or if an evaporative cooler will be more effective!

When a Workshop Fan Can Come in Handy

A workshop fan will help keep your workshop cool in various scenarios. It is critical to remember that fans do not provide any cooling. They do nothing but move air. This can assist your body cool more efficiently in particular scenarios (more on this later), but if you want a fan to provide cool air, you must have access to cool air. A workshop fan, for example, could be a smart choice if your workshop only gets hot because it retains heat from the people and machinery within, but the outside air is generally chilly. Most individuals, however, will quit the workshop for weeks or even months during the summer since there is just no cold air to be found.

Fans appear to cool because they assist your body more efficiently using natural cooling systems. Heat is normally exchanged between the body and the surrounding air. When the air is quiet, your body creates a heated envelope around itself, reducing the cooling efficiency. Moving air indicates a steady supply of air that your body has not yet warmed, allowing you to stay colder. You must have exposed skin to take advantage of this. A fan will not help you if you’re working with dangerous or filthy equipment, paints, or solvents that need you to stay covered.

Fans may also aid in the cooling impact of your body’s perspiration. Sweat cools you by evaporating, which removes heat from your body and the surrounding environment. Moving air driven by a fan evaporates water more effectively, allowing you to cool down faster. However, you may not want to spend your workshop time sweating. Sweating can disrupt your job. It gets into your eyes and makes it difficult to see. It can get on your fingertips and make it difficult to grasp tools. Not to mention that perspiration may cause harm to some of your handicrafts and crafts.

An Evaporative Cooler Is Most Likely Preferable

Most folks will probably prefer an evaporative cooler to chill their workspace. An evaporative cooler requires fresh air, but it does not have to be chilly to keep your workspace cool. An evaporative cooler may reduce air temperature by up to 30° F in a single pass, keeping your workplace comfortable and cool even on the warmest days.

With a QC48 evaporative cooler, you can wheel it about to cool different areas of your workshop or bring it outside to cool you down if you need to relocate to work on an extra-large component. Because you don’t need to turn on the fan to remain cool, there won’t be as much dust, fabric, or paper floating around.

An evaporative cooler also provides moisture to the air, making your store more pleasant on hot, dry days. However, you do not need to be concerned about corrosion or other humidity-related issues. Our evaporative coolers are used safely in metal shops and garages around the country.