Property owners can choose from a wide array of options in terms of cooling their spaces. A lot of them are expected to opt for air conditioning units as they have been known to provide consistent cool temperatures. Others, however, are starting to appreciate and embrace evaporative coolers.

Evaporative coolers generally are cooling systems that maximise the process of evaporation in cooling the air. Their fans often draw dry hot air from outdoors. Once they have obtained the needed air, they would send it to the cooler pads. The interaction between the cooler pads and the hot air would alter the latter’s temperature significantly. The fans of the evaporative coolers will, ultimately, blow the cold air into the spaces where it is needed.

One of the most utilised evaporative coolers today is known as the QuietCool portable evaporative cooler. These coolers have great features and specifications that make them great for many properties.

Working Principles

Like other evaporative coolers, QuietCool portable evaporative coolers also work by drawing hot air, sending it to the cooling pads, and transferring it to the property. What makes these coolers different from others is that they maximise special types of fan blades. The fan blades of these evaporative coolers are intended to spread the cool air as it leaves them. They are also designed to push the air in a ‘V’ formation, which enables the cooling of more property areas.

Basic Construction

QuietCool portable evaporative coolers can last and work for a long time thanks to their robust and reliable construction. Their housing is built out of rotomolded corrosion-free polyethylene, while their fans boast an industrial-duty construction. Their fan motors, on the other hand, maximise a long-life recirculating pump, which is known to be efficient and maintenance-free.

Corrosion-resistant materials are also maximised in building their recirculating pumps, float valves, and water fittings. The cooling media of these portable evaporative coolers is then made from a fluted specially formulated cellulose material that is treated with a thermosetting resin. This specific quality enables the cooling media to function without giving excess load to the fans.

Key Specifications

QuietCool portable evaporative coolers come in various models. These models include QC 18, QC 36, and QC 48. The main difference between these models is their cooling capacity and overall dimensions.

Other than the two mentioned elements, these models all boast similar rotomolded corrosion-free polyethylene chassis, stainless steel components, efficient and maintenance-free pumps, power supply requirements, and cooling media composition.

Given the excellent qualities of QuietCool portable evaporative coolers, they can be effective in cooling factories, loading docks, restaurant patios, gyms, and many more.

To acquire QuietCool portable evaporative coolers for your establishment or property, you should call us Peter Ross Enterprises. Through these products, you can expect your establishment or property to be cooler without generating too much energy and harming the environment.