Evaporative coolers are preferred by a lot of commercial building owners due to a lot of reasons.

For one, evaporative coolers allow some parts of the buildings to stay open without losing cool air. Unlike air conditioning units, evaporative coolers can still provide cool air even if the windows and doors are open. The way they function allows business owners to maximise open spaces for their operations. Another reason why evaporative coolers are picked by property owners is their energy savings. Throughout their operations, they do not require a huge amount of energy just to provide cool clean air.

Of course, all the features of evaporative coolers can only be maximised if their condition remains optimal. If your commercial evaporative cooler manifests the following signs, then you may have to replace it with a new one immediately.

  1. Inconsistent Airflow

One notable sign that your evaporative cooler needs to be replaced right away is the presence of erratic airflow. Most evaporative coolers that are being offered in the market right now are made with effective components. Hence, they are expected to produce great airflow throughout their service life. If your evaporative cooler, however, starts to provide cool air inconsistently, then some of its parts may have already become damaged. Some of these parts may still be fixed by a professional, but if your evaporative cooler still operates badly despite being repaired, then you must replace it with a new one.

  1. Corrosion Build-up 

Another sign that your evaporative cooler needs urgent replacement is the build-up of corrosion on its parts. Many parts of your evaporative cooler are made from durable metal materials. And while they are rated to resist corrosion and other similar elements, they can still allow corrosive elements to accumulate due to the existence of water minerals. Without replacing your evaporative cooler unit right away, you may end up consuming a lot of energy and money just to provide cool air to your property. Replacing your evaporative cooler helps in maintaining the coolness of your property without unnecessary expenses.

  1. Major Water Damage

One more sign that confirms your need to replace your evaporative cooler is the presence of water damage. Evaporative coolers maximise a lot of water in cooling the air. And with proper cleaning and maintenance, your evaporative cooler will be able to cool your property without spending too many resources. However, if you have not maintained your unit for a very long time, then some of its parts may allow water to leak and come out, affecting the overall condition and performance of your evaporative cooler. Replacing your evaporative cooler is a must if water has fully damaged your unit.

The replacement of your evaporative cooler can be costly, but it will be much cheaper along the way due to all the savings it can bring to your property. If you need a new evaporative cooler for your business, you can call us at Peter Ross Enterprises.