Residential, commercial, and industrial properties can only utilise cold air in their respective spaces if they maximise functional cooling solutions. With the continuous developments in technology, owners of these properties can surely choose from different cooling devices and systems.

One of the cooling devices that they could utilise is the evaporative cooler. An evaporative cooler is a cooling device that can cool air by the evaporation of water. It lets in the surrounding air and subsequently transfers it to wet pads so it can be cooled effectively. Once cooled, the air will then be released to the property, providing great comfort to the people inside. A lot of property owners maximise this cooling device as it is cost-effective, long-lasting, and eco-friendly.

If you are currently utilising an evaporative cooler on your property, then you can certainly maximise its functions and benefits. However, if your cooling device does not blow cold air, then it might possess some problems. Here are some possible reasons why your evaporative cooler fails to release cold air.

Broken Circuit Breaker or Fuse

One of the most common reasons why your evaporative cooler does not blow cold air is the presence of a broken circuit breaker or fuse. Both components are responsible for preventing electrical damages to your evaporative cooler. Without them, your evaporative cooler may not function optimally and can easily generate fire on your property. If your evaporative cooler’s circuit breaker has tripped, then your cooling device will not work optimally. The same thing may happen if the fuse of your device has blown.

Faulty Wiring Components

Directly connected to the previous components, the presence of faulty wiring components can also cause your evaporative cooler to malfunction. Wiring components are intended to transfer enough power to the evaporative cooler. Once these components become faulty, then your cooling device might not have the energy to blow cold air to your property. This problem may develop if your property experiences persistent power surges, which can affect not only the wiring but also the circuit breaker and fuse.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat of your evaporative cooler is designed to regulate and control its temperature. Once it detects changes in the operational temperature, it will provide your evaporative cooler with a signal that signifies the need to alter the temperature according to the desired value. If this specific component does not operate optimally, your evaporative cooler will most likely fail to provide the desired coldness of the air. Most of the time, the thermostat is replaced to ensure that the cooling device works again.

Defective Fan Motor or Belt

One more possible reason why your evaporative cooler does not blow cold air is the existence of a defective fan motor or belt. A fan motor tends to fail rarely due to its durable components. But whenever it becomes defective, it can easily impact the operation of your evaporative cooler. The belt, alternatively, may become broken more frequently since it is part of moving units. Whichever becomes faulty, they need to be serviced or replaced immediately to prevent your cooling device from obtaining more issues.

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