A building or property would not be complete if it does not possess any system that provides ample cooling to its rooms and spaces. One cooling option that one may maximise is the air conditioner. Another option would be the evaporative cooler.

Air conditioners have been used by many property owners since they can instantly decrease the temperatures of rooms. However, utilising them for a long time would only consume tons of energy. They may likewise emit elements that can be harmful not only to the properties but also to the environment.

Evaporative coolers, alternatively, are preferred by many property owners as they are energy-efficientand eco-friendly. If you own this cooling solution, then here are some ways to make it more efficient.

  1. Keep the Windows Open

One way to make your evaporative cooler efficient is to keep the windows open. An air conditioner can only work if the windows are closed. An evaporative cooler, on the other hand, can still work despite the presence of open windows. After all, this specific cooling system requires dry air before it can provide your needed cool air. One thing to keep in mind, however, is to limit the opening of the windows to prevent too much moisture from entering your property.

  1. Maximise Cold Water

Another way to improve the performance of your evaporative cooler is to maximise cold water. The use of cold water in preparing the pads of your system is known to yield better results compared to utilising warm to hot water. Many property owners believe that using warm to hot water could make their evaporative coolers generate cold air faster. But as proven by professionals, the use of cool to room temperature water can make the coolers more efficient in producing the needed cold air.

  1. Prime the Cooler Pads

The operation of your evaporative cooler can only be utilised fully if its cooler pads are primed effectively. You see, your cooler pads must be soaked in water first before they could carry out the evaporative cooling process. Letting them absorb the water from the system reservoir for at least 15 minutes is recommended before turning on the evaporative cooler fan. Remember to fill your water reservoir with water once the pads are soaked so that your evaporative cooler can work continuously.

  1. Conduct Maintenance

Appliances can only work efficiently if they are maintained regularly. So, if you want to enhance the performance of your evaporative cooler, then you should maintain it regularly. From its exterior to internal components, your evaporative cooler should remain free from elements that can only affect its performance. One way to maintain it is to wipe down its exterior components. You must likewise wash the water tank with a soap-water solution as well as replace the cooling pads from time to time.

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