Check out the timeline for evaporative cooling technology. Ancient civilizations employed this principle. The water releasing principles developed quickly, then chemical coolers usurped their position. As folks started to realize how energy efficient portable evaporative coolers really are, the race drew even. Now, according to many informed Australians, the water-based appliances are pulling ahead. Just why are these machines set to win the day as the better cooling option?

Hot and Dry Heroism

That’s right, Australia is a hot nation, and humidity isn’t as much a problem here as it is in some muggy nations. Portable evaporative coolers deliver a fresh breath of air while adding the tiniest amount of moisture to that current of roving air. Right on the tip of every coastal region, our antipodean paradise does receive some refreshing weather, but those airy currents quickly fade into nonexistence when we turn away from that golden coastline. Evaporative coolers are practically designed to excel in this application area.

Outdoors Friendly Appliances

If there’s one lifestyle we all enjoy around here, it’s our outgoing way of life. Windows should be open, doors are meant to be flung wide, and parties are supposed to happen on the patio, not inside some dusty hall. Portable evaporative coolers roll into place outside, perhaps in the middle of a wedding day reception or a Boxing Day celebration, and they drop the localized temperature until all the guests feel cool and comfortable. Try achieving that goal with a window-mounted air conditioner. It just won’t happen.

Livestock Protection Aids

A straightforward application suggests the installation of an evaporative cooling system in a business-oriented data centre. However, just like the outdoor events mentioned above, there’s another biological imperative that requires addressing in this large nation. We’re talking about livestock sheds. The grass may be yellow, the rain has dried up, and the Australian sky has taken on that amazing burnt yellow aspect again, but there are animals pacing anxiously back inside a nearby shed. Wheel in a portable cooling appliance, one that’s water-based, to calm the animals. They’ll feel as if the rains are coming, so a wave of calmness will spread, along with the comfort-conjuring breeze.

We Australians are a canny bunch. We love the indoors but feel a deep desire to be outside. Portable evaporative coolers mirror that character. They function perfectly in a contemporary living room or family space, then they roll free. Liberated in this way, they operate at their best when doors and windows are thrown open. On a shipping dock or a party venue, this appliance just keeps on cooling while delivering a finite quantity of airborne moisture.