Evaporative cooler technology is engaged in something of a long-running battle. You see, there are misconceptions about evaporative coolers, falsely assigned traits that require addressing. But the tide is turning. The average consumer is slowly uncovering the truth about these efficient appliances. Wouldn’t it be convenient, though, to have all of those misconceptions collected in one place so that they can be conclusively assessed then dismissed?

Countering the Myths: Large Scale Applications

Misconceptions evaporate like water on air when they’re exposed to the light. For example, there’s one line of stubborn thought that believes evaporative coolers are built for personal cooling. You have to get right up front before the chilled air has any effect, in other words. That’s simply not true. These appliances actually cool large areas, especially when they’re fitted with a large fan. As tall as an average adult man, a portable evaporative cooler will restore the comfort levels in a warehouse, a greenhouse, or a livestock area, all while the windows are left open.

Isn’t This Gear Expensive to Operate?

In a word, no, that’s just another misconception at work. Evaporative coolers don’t have many moving parts. There’s the fan, the water pump, and that’s about all there is to the machine. From here, an age-old law of thermodynamics takes over. A especially absorbent pad is suspended in the generated air current. The heat load of the environment drops, and fresh air flows. Very little electrical energy is consumed while this cooling cycle prospers in and around the units’ environmental envelope.

It’s Just All So Moist and Dewy

Again, that’s not exactly true. A truly advanced system injects just the right amount of moisture into the air. The result is a feeling of freshness and natural comfort, sort of like walking in a grassy field after a storm has passed. Furthermore, that carefully injected quantity of natural freshness is highly desirable in certain situations. In a greenhouse, plants thrive. As for a livestock building, the sweating animals are gently cooled without experiencing heat shock.

Evaporative coolers are not expensive to run. That’s a misconception. They’re also not humidity offenders, not when they’re operated properly and the environment is similarly configured so that it suits the cooling method. That’s yet another misconception dismissed. Just like any other cooling tool, then, it operates according to its abilities. Open the windows, enjoy the low cost, high-efficiency runnings of this water-powered device, and know that this evaporative device is capable of producing a significant temperature drop.