Property owners can now choose from a wide range of air conditioning options for their cooling needs. However, one unique option that can be utilised by some owners of properties is evaporative coolers. Evaporative coolers work by cooling the air through evaporation, which is somehow far from the usual usage of vapour-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles.

What makes evaporative coolers great for property owners is that they can create an environment that is both comfortable and relaxing. They can effectively enhance the quality of the air through thorough filtration. They can even protect the environment and save huge amounts of energy and money.

General Overview of QuietCool Evaporative Coolers

A reputable company that manufacturers high-quality evaporative coolers is Quietaire. This company has a privately held and family-owned manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas where all their offerings are being manufactured and assembled. From their industrial fans to commercial ventilation equipment, all their products have been existing for a very long time.

One of the offerings of Quietaire is the QuietCool portable evaporative coolers. These coolers may come in sizes of 18”, 36”, and 46”. And similar to the previously mentioned benefits, they are capable of providing great air quality to properties without spending a lot of money and energy. These coolers are likewise eco-friendly, ensuring that no toxins will be released into the atmosphere.

Aside from these benefits, QuietCool portable evaporative coolers can also be moved at any given spot. They can work optimally in stuffy areas, which include factory shops, greenhouses, garages, sporting events, loading docks, livestock, and even outdoor dining spaces. 

Primary Parts of QuietCool Evaporative Coolers

As their name implies, QuietCool portable evaporative coolers are designed to quietly provide cool air temperatures. Their optimal operations can be drawn from their overall composition.

The housing of QuietCool portable evaporative coolers is made and constructed out of rotomoulded polyethylene, which is known to be excellent in resisting impact, wear, fatigue, and chemical elements. As for their industrial duty fans, high-efficient variable-speed fan motor, and high-efficient pump, they are all made from corrosion-free materials to ensure that they could last for a long time and operate optimally.

The cooling media of these portable evaporative coolers, alternatively, is made from cross corrugated angle fluted specially formulated cellulose material that is treated with a thermosetting resin. Its composition prevents it from obtaining excess load on the fan. It also allows the air to stay cool and clean.

Choose and Buy QuietCool Evaporative Coolers Today

If you want to gain access to QuietCool portable evaporative coolers, feel free to contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises. We offer these evaporative coolers at various sizes, ensuring that every property can enjoy the benefits brought by the said cooling solutions. QuietCool portable evaporative coolers can cool places that have areas between 70 and 390 sqm. Their total airflow can likewise range from 2,800 to 19,000 cubic feet per minute, which can be obtained by getting the right size of the said evaporative coolers.