Many property owners are now utilising evaporative coolers given their core functions. They can effectively provide cool air just by taking in air from outdoors and letting it pass through the water-soaked pads. Once the air passes through the pads, the air becomes cold, which is then sent into the property.

Compared to other types of cooling systems, evaporative coolers are known to be energy-efficient since they do not need to maximise refrigerant and other types of components. They can also work even if the property has open windows. They can likewise provide much cleaner air and better indoor ventilation. And if you are currently maximising evaporative coolers on your property, you can essentially boost their overall efficiency and performance by doing and maintaining the following activities.

Maintain Good Airflow

The performance of evaporative coolers is hugely dependent on proper airflow. Hence, your cooler needs to receive the correct airflow throughout its operations. To ensure proper airflow, the windows where your evaporative cooler is located must be opened so that the latter can receive an adequate supply of air. Doing this can help prevent the accumulation of mould and any other harmful elements.

Service Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are essential to the overall evaporative cooling process of your cooling unit. To increase the efficiency of your evaporative cooler, you must clean your cooling pads all the time. Any pollutants or minerals that are clogging the pads should be removed for better airflow. But if your cooling pads have been used for too long, you must change and replace them immediately. 

Remove Mineral Deposits

Water is typically comprised of minerals. And with the continuous use of water, some of its minerals may be left on your cooling unit. The accumulation of these mineral deposits can subsequently affect the efficiency of your evaporative cooler. With a small scraper or wire brush, you must remove all the mineral deposits on your cooling system so that it can provide clean air all the time.

Clean the Reservoir

Another part of your evaporative cooler that must be maintained is your reservoir. This specific part is essential in storing the water that will be used for the evaporative cooling process. To ensure that your evaporative cooler will perform optimally, you must drain and clean your reservoir regularly. Doing these activities allow the water of your evaporative cooler to flow smoothly.

Check the Water System

The water system of your evaporative cooler must be checked regularly so that the water can flow smoothly and that the pads can receive the appropriate amount of water. If your water system is clogged with elements, then it cannot provide an adequate amount of water to areas where it is needed. For optimised operations, you must check and clean your water system regularly.

Lubricate the Water Pump

For the water to flow effectively from the reservoir to the pads, the water pump must be in good condition all the time. Your water pump can work effectively if it is lubricated regularly. When using lubricants, you must check the instructions indicated to these products and strictly follow them. Adding too much, after all, will possibly lead to evaporative cooler damages.

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