In terms of spending quality time with your family or friends, having an outdoor patio area can certainly provide you with a great space for a dinner party, entertainment, and other ways of relaxation and entertainment. And since these areas are typically not covered by roofing or other protective materials, most of you can expect and truly enjoy natural fresh air and daylight.

However, outdoor patio areas cannot provide a comfortable experience all the time. There will be times where the outside temperature is unusually high compared to normal days. The heat from outside may even be felt right away by you and your family members or friends due to the patio’s lack of roofing.

Fortunately, portable evaporative coolers are designed to provide the needed cool air and ventilation of outdoor patio areas. Acquiring these coolers can grant you numerous benefits that conventional cooling systems cannot truly provide.

Guaranteed Portability

Conventional cooling systems can only work and operate optimally if they will be installed in enclosed spaces or areas. Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, can still operate even if they are placed in outdoor or semi-outdoor areas. And with portable ones, they can surely give you and other people comfort as they can effectively operate without any problems or issues. They can even be transferred and positioned wherever you want. 

Improved Air Quality

Another benefit of opting for portable evaporative coolers over other cooling systems is that they can significantly improve the quality of air. The environment outside your property is surely bombarded with airborne dust, debris, other dirty particles. With evaporative coolers, they can effectively filter and prevent these particles from ruining the quality of your cool air. They can likewise introduce or add humidity in the air, which can help in minimising dry air symptoms such as itchy eyes, throat, or skin.

Boosted Energy Savings

Activities that are conducted in outdoor patio areas can last for hours. With conventional cooling systems, letting them run for a long time can instantly consume a huge amount of energy. Alternatively, portable evaporative coolers can run continuously for hours without spending too much energy. Given that they utilise motion and water throughout their cooling processes, these portable evaporative coolers can operate at around 50 per cent less than the overall energy costs by the conventional ones.

Minimised Maintenance

Even with long hours of operations, portable evaporative coolers can operate optimally even with little upkeep. The number of steps needed in maintaining portable evaporative coolers is much lower compared to their counterpart. The filters of these evaporative coolers can be cleaned through mild detergent and lukewarm water. Their outer casing can likewise be cleaned by wiping them with a damp cloth. Ultimately, preserving their service life can be done by storing them in a dry place.

All these benefits of evaporative coolers can guarantee you an outdoor patio area that maximises cool and clean air. If you need one, just give us a call at Peter Ross Enterprises.