Air cooling or air-conditioning and evaporative coolers can be traced back to ancient Egypt maybe even further. In those times when the heat would become unbearable the commoners would hang wet blankets in open doorways and windows to cool the breeze down as it entered their homes. The wealthy Egyptians would have their servants fan them over jugs of water to create a cool breeze. The air was cooled through the water and this kept the air moist thus providing a colder effect.

Society then went over to using fans for cooling and creating a breeze but as time passed and technology advanced we were introduced to air-conditioners. The differences between what the Egyptians used to do and what we use today is the fact that our cooling systems are electrical and hand labour is no longer needed. The other difference is that air-conditioners dry out the air while cooling it and our fans basically just circulate the air in a room.

So, how do we get that same moisturising coolness that the Egyptians knew?

It is quite simple as you can have the perfect cooling experience with Evaporative coolers. These cooling systems use the same principal by cooling the air through water. This is especially useful if you stay in extremely dry climates.

Have you ever felt the chill that comes over you when you get out of a swimming pool and the wind meets your wet skin? Well, you will agree that it is surely cooler than most fans you have ever sat in front of. What you felt there is what an evaporative cooler does.

These cooling systems are cost effective and use much less power than air-conditioning systems; they are also environmentally friendly and work perfectly well in most areas. These coolers do however require a lot of cleaning to function properly and last longer. You get a few varieties of evaporative coolers and they can be installed in different ways as well. They are the most effective when installed on the roof of your home, but this is not always a possibility therefore they can also be placed in your wall or replace a window although you could also get a mobile unit.

The filtration system found with evaporative coolers dump tainted water that could be used on your lawn or garden plants. For efficient cooling one could try running your evaporative cooler during the night to cool your home completely and then close the windows and doors during the day and just use fans to circulate the cool air inside.

Bigger is not always better and if you are looking for an effective evaporative cooler it might be best to look for one that uses little water. These also provide you with small amounts of water needing to be carried around for filling up your cooling system.

Have a look at different evaporative coolers and find one that suits your needs with Evaporative Coolers. Talk to a professional and find out more about these great cooling machines.