Many property owners turn to evaporative coolers as a way for them to save resources. After all, these cooling systems mostly rely on fresh air and water to provide cool air in properties. 

Aside from maximising fewer resources, evaporative coolers also consume less energy than conventional air conditioning systems. They likewise avoid the use of refrigerants in processing and cooling the air. These evaporative coolers do not even have to be placed in an enclosed space just to carry out their daily operations. All these benefits make them cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

But similar to other equipment pieces, evaporative coolers can still acquire problems along the way. Here are some of the most common issues with evaporative coolers and their respective solutions.

Lack of Proper Airflow

Evaporative coolers are designed to provide cool airflow to properties. If your evaporative cooler, however, lacks airflow or has reduced airflow, then it might have some issues with its power supply. One way to resolve this issue is to check if the breakers and fuses are blown or tripped. Once you have confirmed that they have blown or tripped, then you must replace the fuse and reset the breaker.

Another possible source of this issue is the lack of exhaust. Your evaporative cooler must be installed alongside exhaust ducts. But if you do not have these ducts installed, then you must open the windows of your property. One more source of airflow issues is the deterioration of its parts. Faulty parts such as the motor, belts, and thermostats must be replaced to resolve airflow problems.

High Air Temperature

Your evaporative cooler, as stated by its name, should release cold air to your property. Now, if your evaporative cooler does not release cold air, then it might have some problems with your pads. The water system of the evaporative cooler provides enough water to the pads so they can perform the evaporative cooling process. Once you have verified that your pads do not retain water anymore, then you must replace them right away. If your pads do retain water, then you must check the water pump for any clogs. You need to remove any clogs in the tubes or valves so that the water can reach the pads.

Unusual Water Usage

Another issue with your evaporative cooler that you must resolve immediately is its consumption of too much water. Your evaporative cooler can maximise a certain amount of water in keeping the pads wet and carrying out the evaporative cooling process. If the reservoir of your evaporative cooler needs to be constantly filled with water, then your system might have some leaks. When it comes to leaking problems, you must call a reliable technician so they can immediately locate and seal the leak source.

Other possible issues with evaporative coolers are the presence of bad odours and corroded components. Bad odours can be resolved by draining the water from the pan and cleaning it with chlorine. Corroded components, alternatively, can be resolved by replacing them.

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