One great alternative for conventional air conditioning units is evaporative coolers. These coolers, which are also known as swamp coolers, are air conditioning units that rely on the process of evaporative cooling to decrease and cool down air temperatures. While property owners utilise evaporative coolers for indoor spaces, a lot of them would maximise these coolers for outdoor use.

Large open spaces benefit the most when it comes to evaporative coolers. As mentioned, the evaporative cooling process helps these coolers work effectively and efficiently. This specific process starts when the water evaporates or when the water is being converted into the gas state. While the water is being converted, the highest-energy particles from the water first leave. These particles then contribute to the drop in the surrounding temperature. 

Evaporative Cooler Operations

For the cooler to be fully efficient and functional, it must have a fan, a thick pad, a water reservoir, and some extra controls for managing and modifying the system. The purpose of the fan is to take in dry, hot air into the cooler and transport it right to the cooler pads. Cooler pads are thick pads that absorb water from the water reservoir. The surface area of these cooler pads is large enough to accommodate the need for cool air. As soon as the unprocessed air passes through the pads, the evaporative cooling process kicks in. The water molecules on the surface of the cooler pads will start to evaporate, which causes a drop in the air temperature inside the cooler. The cool air from the evaporative cooler is then circulated by the fan into specific areas and rooms. 

Aside from the temperature of the air, evaporative coolers can also improve the air quality through their air filters and pads. The transfer of water into the cooling pad can also be maximised through a water pump, which may or may not exist on most evaporative coolers.

Large Open Spaces Can Benefit

Evaporative coolers work best for places that have large open spaces like factories, warehouses, building parking lots, livestock farms, and many more. One reason behind this is that evaporative coolers can readily supply a specific place with fresh clean air even with the presence of outside air. Even if you do not close the doors or windows of your space, these evaporative coolers can still process and produce cool air that you need and deserve.

And since the doors and windows are kept open, evaporative coolers can continuously replace stale air in your place with clean, fresh air. They will not also dry out the air, irritate your skin, throat, or eyes, or emit harmful elements to the atmosphere. Through the help of their filters, you can expect your air from these coolers to be free from impurities and airborne germs.

Additionally, evaporative coolers work best with large open spaces since they do not require a lot of energy. With traditional air conditioning units, they tend to consume more energy as they supply cold air to larger spaces. Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, can easily supply a space with cold air without costing too much. In fact, these coolers only consume 80% less energy than your traditional air conditioning units.

So, if you have large open spaces like the places that are previously mentioned, then you might want to consider installing evaporative coolers. For more information about these coolers, just give us a call at Evaporative Coolers.