Despite hot outdoor temperatures, evaporative coolers can still help decrease the temperature of certain indoor areas of a building or property. Additionally, these coolers can consume up to 80% less energy than air conditioning units would typically do, which can help save money in the long run. One extra feature of evaporative coolers is that they can improve air quality by filtering and removing dust, fumes, and unpleasant odours out of the property.

Given these benefits of evaporative coolers, many local companies in Australia have started to shift their focus towards the production of their own version of these helpful systems. A lot of them have release evaporative cooler brands that possess their own set of features and capabilities. However, one evaporative cooler brand that stands out in the industry is QuietCool. QuietCool evaporative coolers are deemed as the best in the market today since they have the following properties:

Efficient Build Construction

QuietCool portable evaporative coolers are known for their solid build construction and quality since they maximise durable materials. These coolers are typically enclosed in blue-coloured housing that is constructed from rotational moulded corrosion-free polyethylene. This specific material is known for its durability and water resistance, which helps the evaporative cooler last for a long time even when it is exposed to different damaging elements. 

Aside from the housing, the fans of QuietCool portable evaporative coolers are also made from corrosion-free materials that are great for a long time of use. The fan motors and cooling media of QuietCool portable evaporative coolers are also constructed from high-quality materials. The enclosed fan motor is highly efficient and can run at variable speed. For longevity and efficient cooling, the cooling media of QuietCool products has a cross corrugated angle that is fluted and has a specially formulated cellulose material that is treated with a thermosetting resin.

Maximum Cooling Efficiency

QuietCool portable evaporative coolers can be used in any given situation and location. From offices to residential areas, these portable coolers can easily deliver the needed cooling for hot areas as long as you pick the correct variation and model of the said product. Even huge open spaces can be freely accommodated by these QuietCool products because of the efficiency of their internal components.

When you use QuietCool portable evaporative coolers, you can expect office and work areas to have employees who are more productive and happier. The presence of these coolers in livestock businesses would also yield better results, especially when it comes to overall growth and profit. Factories, greenhouse, barbecue areas, loading docks, and other huge spaces can readily receive the accompanying benefits of these portable evaporative coolers every day as they do not have to be maintained regularly. Downtimes will be minimal, which equates to much larger money savings.

If you want to have your own QuietCool portable evaporative coolers, then feel free to contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises. We offer some products of QuietCool like QC 18, QC 36, and QC 48.