The principles behind evaporative coolers are hugely contrary to the ones found on other air conditioning units. These coolers work by allowing the water to absorb a significant amount of heat for it to evaporate. Afterward, the temperature of the processed air is lowered through the conversion of liquid water to water vapor. The cool air is then released to a given space, providing more moisture for the comfort of the people around the area.

Since evaporative coolers utilise the process of evaporation, this specific process makes them more efficient and more sustainable than conventional air conditioning systems. They do not use as much electricity as their counterparts do, which lessens your carbon footprint and cuts a huge amount of electrical expenses. They also do not rely on a compressor that involves the use of harmful liquid refrigerants. Instead, evaporative coolers only maximise the properties and capabilities of water.

If you own an evaporative cooler, you must do some things to make it work more efficiently. To help you out, here are some ways to do it.

Evaluate the Components

Evaporative coolers are comprised of components that help them process your needed cool, fresh air. If you turn them on without any prior inspection, then you might end up receiving a slightly warmer air. To receive optimal performance from your evaporative cooler, you must ensure that its tank is full and that its cooling pads are wet. An adequate supply of cold water must also be present to allow successful evaporation on the equipment.

Keep the Windows Open

While evaporative coolers can still work in an enclosed space, they are truly intended to work in a room that has open windows. Evaporative coolers can provide cool air by pulling fresh ones from the outside. To allow effective cross-ventilation, your windows must let in air space for about an inch or two. And since not all evaporative coolers work the same, you must assess the right arrangement of open windows and your equipment’s positioning to maintain uninterrupted airflow.

Let the Cooler Warm Up

Before turning on the fan, you must allow your evaporative cooler to prepare itself for the evaporation process. This step is very important since it helps you obtain the best results that you can get out of the equipment. The warming up of your evaporative cooler can be done by filling in the water reservoir and allowing the water to circulate and prime the pump. Additionally, your cooling pads must fully absorb the water for optimal results. This whole process usually takes up around 15 minutes.

Clean and Maintain the Cooler

Just like any other equipment, your cooler must also be cleaned and maintained regularly. Since it is exposed to external conditions, your equipment will be not safe most environmental pollutants. To clean and maintain your cooler, you must wipe down its exterior components and wash out the tank with a cleaning solution. Vacuuming the air intake grills and fans must also be done to take out dirt, dust, and other pollutants. You must also replace your cooling pads if they have cracks or mildew.

Following these steps can help your evaporative cooler work efficiently and effectively. If you want to further improve the performance of your evaporative cooler, then feel free to call us at Peter Ross Enterprises.