Engineers design portable evaporative coolers to greatly diminish the power consumption figures we associate with today’s environmental management equipment. They generally provide substantial energy savings, generally cool their local sphere of influence, and generally do so with quiet efficiency. Quietcool portable evaporative coolers take these cooling figures and push them as far as they’ll go, all while delivering the kind of cooling functionality that goes far beyond generalities.

Quiet Cooling Champions

Like a surgeon’s scalpel, a QuietCool Portable evaporative cooler rolls quickly into the hottest zone to bring a cool, wet draft to a stiflingly hot work zone. Not that the appliance is limited to a work application. Just the opposite, in fact, for powerfully muted water coolers are ideal farmyard temperature managers and outdoor party companions. In the former example, sweating animals are never shocked by a squealing motor startup sound. Over at the party, the same large unit quietly discharges a refreshing breeze, all the better to keep the occasion happily on the go, even when a humid evening wind sweeps down.

Identifying QuietCool Functionality

The shopping catalogue starts with a compact 18-inch housing, then it sweeps through the 36-inch middle children, before stopping at the big boys. The giants of the group are the 48-inch portable evaporative coolers. A rotomolded polyethylene housing equips this large unit and the smaller housings with a robust flair for defying any bump-prone situation. In short, every appliance in the inventory can handle shocks and impacts with casual ease. That same build sidesteps corrosion issues. Even when the damp air passes across the aluminium fan assembly and the supporting angle bars, the high-grade alloys make corrosion a non-issue.

Rigorously Tested

Simple design policies subsidize the build maxims that underly the QuietCool range. There are no dangerous chemicals to worry about, no environmentally hazardous gases, just plain tap water and an energy efficient fan. That fan, by the way, is built from a streamlined motor assembly, so it draws less power than anything this large has a right to, yet no mechanical force is lost because of the lowered power profile. The appliance just runs quietly, consumes very little power, and establishes a small environmental footprint.

Meantime, that Green footprint may be small, but there’s nothing small about the dimensions and cooling capabilities of this super tough appliance. The QuietCool range integrates large water reservoirs into its builds, delivers on every performance metric, and does so without breaking a sweat, proverbial or otherwise.