Regarded as true energy-efficiency advocates, evaporative coolers are incredibly reliable appliances. Their innards are relatively simple, yet undeniably effective. At the heart of the machine, an efficient pump distributes water to a network of tubes. It’s crucial that this component works properly, for any damage to the pump could corrupt its energy saving ways.

Pump Damage Prevention Strategies

Beware of dry run issues! A waterless pump is a problem in any circulatory system. Most industrial pumps sidestep this issue by using lots of lubrication and larger-than-life bearings. Conversely, this portable unit uses an efficient motor, but its build is compact. That condensed architecture isn’t a problem when water is there as a heat distributor. If the pump runs dry, however, it generates friction, which results in enough heat to incur damage. To solve this issue, simply keep the water reservoir full at all times. If the portable unit is positioned far away from a water supply, turn it off immediately.

Handling Water Quality Problems

Let the pump cool down, then turn it ON to see if there’s any damage. If there’s no leakage, no bearing noise, and no vibrations, the rugged little pump may be undamaged. Now, let’s turn our attention to the quality of water inside the reservoir. Clogs are a problem, perhaps because the motor impeller is quite small on a portable water cooler. If that’s the case, then, hard salts and powdery coatings will accumulate over time. Happily, a meticulously conducted maintenance program corrects this problem. Consider a water softener if the local water supply is mineral-heavy.

Spotting Damage Symptoms

A clean water supply and a full water reservoir take care of most pump damage prevention tips. Most new models even incorporate an automated shutoff feature, so dry run scenarios are rare. Additionally, if there are any filters installed on the appliance, do periodically clean them when a general caretaking plan is scheduled. Otherwise, look for water leaks. A leak is a sign that the pump bearings and seals are failing. Immediately turn OFF the portable evaporative cooler if/when a leak is spotted, for this kind of damage represents a major hazard, a scenario where a dangerous electrical shock could result in a fatality.

The leakage event is unlikely, considering the quality build of the motor and its mechanical parts. Additionally, most modern portable evaporative coolers use tough plastic housings, so an electrical short-circuit is unlikely. Still, if the damage is bad enough to cause the formation of a small water puddle, don’t take any chances. Turn the equipment OFF.