Superior cooling power is assured when the Quiet Cool 48 (QC48) factory evaporative unit spins up to full speed. Capable of producing significant temperature drops in large and open areas, the technology behind this fully portable appliance is based on an age-old principle, where water provides the temperature controlling medium, not nasty chemicals. Let’s take a closer look at the features of this industrially oriented mobile cooler.

A New Cooling Standard

There are times when we desperately want to employ a feature-rich climate-controlling machine, but the so-called tentpole appliances simply won’t work. They’re noisy and unlikely to function in certain applications. These chemically active solutions trail pools of toxic chemicals, poison the environment, and just feel like boxed risk factors. The Quiet Cool 48 (QC48) shuns such chemical soups while still delivering a cooler and more comfortable environment. In essence, a brittle air conditioning solution is rejected in favour of a robust product, a device that’s built as a portable breath of fresh air.

Composite Design Tactics

The goal in this challenging market is to equip countless high-volume applications with an organic cooling method. Whether that usage area is a large livestock building, a factory, or a greenhouse, the sensations engendered by this rolling evaporative unit are always the same. Like a transplanted outdoor breeze, the airflow is cool and ever so slightly damp. In this manner, an equestrian centre or farmyard area, places that are classed as large areas, are maintained at a comfortable temperature. Thanks to a 19,000 CFM / 9,200 Lts/Sec throughput, we’re confidently referring to a coverage area of approximately 390 sqm, which is more than enough coverage for most open and enclosed spaces.

A Summation of Application Intent

A 2-metre square block of tidily constructed polyethylene isn’t designed for an ordinary residential dwelling. Correction, it’s built for a garden party outside that dwelling. More accurately, the rotomoulded frame and its caged electric fan are designed to cool large areas. The cross-corrugated cooling media works in concert with the variable speed fan and 80-Watt pump to create a mass of refreshingly chilled air that increases productivity in a heat-frazzled factory. That same eco-friendly chill keeps horses and cattle comfortable so that they won’t experience heat stress. These are the central applications quoted for the QC 48, but there are more, including large warehouses, greenhouses, and loading docks.

A solitary Quiet Cool 48 evaporative cooler makes all the difference when its mobile frame is conveyed to a particularly uncomfortable environment, such as a claustrophobic factory setting. It cools quickly, uses its padded media to remove airborne particulates, and restores a healthy dose of water to still air. In short, the energy-efficient input is matched by a biologically friendly output, a breeze that feeds plants, calms livestock, and reinvigorates employees.