The “Ideal for Home Use” tagline practically waves a flag on the Quiet Cool 18 (QC18) evaporative cooler. Designed to quietly spin its variable speed fan blades within its waist-high housing, the QC18 subdues the heat in your family room, diffuses the still air hanging in your kitchen, and restores fresh airflow to your residence. Here’s a look at this essential appliance that goes beyond datasheet information.

Living in a Box

That’s what it feels like when your home is tortured by a hot summer day. The air burns at your lungs, the heat leaves your forehead wet with perspiration, and tempers run high. Quiet Cool 18 (QC18) evaporative coolers deal a heavy blow to the invasive heat by calling upon the power of water cooling. Granted, this appliance may be shorter than its industrially and commercially-classed cousins, but it’s every bit as effective, albeit on a smaller scale.

Nature’s Cooling Champion

An end to hot air currents in the home is a wonderful service to have on tap, but what else does this compact, polyethylene-wrapped unit have to offer? Well, the easy to operate and easy to move product is equipped with some potent internal components. A first mention is reserved for the cooling media, a section of the evaporative cooler that performs several important duties. It obviously transports evaporated water droplets into the air, as impelled by the energy-efficient fan unit, but it also acts as an air scrubbing mechanism. That’s a feature that removes dust and suspended contaminants from your cooler air, so breathing comfort opens up while skin cooling continues apace.

A Cornucopia of User-Oriented Features

Skin cooling and airflow cleaning top the bill. Then there’s an adjustable element that can be accessed with a touch of a control. That control varies drive speed and accommodates evaporative spread across 900 square feet of open or confined space. Of course, the toughened swivel casters also come in handy at this point, with their rolling feet wheeling the QC18 from one hot spot to the next. Finally, most homes operate on a budget, which is just fine since the Quiet Cool 18 and its evaporative heart are based on an energy-saving design.

Yes, this device drops the temperature in your home. But that’s when you learn temperature management isn’t the same as climate control. Fortunately, the QC18 does regulate its 900 square feet environment. It cleans your air, scrubs it free of airborne particles, then the compact appliance replaces that floating muck with pure, refreshing water droplets, an airflow that benefits every family member.