If you stand next to a Quiet Cool 36, you’re almost in the shadows of a high-performance evaporative cooler, a portable climate controlling appliance that just reaches the chin of an average height man. It’s tall, then, this water-powered housing. At 1.5 metres square, the rotomoulded polyethylene package looks broad enough to pump air into a medium-sized warehouse, which it does, but it’s also equipped for outdoor use.

Made In Australia

That title isn’t meant to sound like a boast, just a promise that the belt driven, 0.5 horsepower cooler is designed to handle any imaginable operating conditions, as served up by our nation’s most uncompromising weather patterns. It also means the Quiet Cool 36 (QC36) is qualified, by virtue of its rigorously tested innards, to operate in some tough outdoor locales. A livestock shelter is suggested at this point, for this structure can go portable when a large property requires a mobile shelter. Fortunately, the equally mobile QC36 will easily keep pace with any roving building, even when the interior elements in that structure are strewn every which way. Again, the robust housing, built from tough engineering plastics, takes care of the knocks and scrapes that are all part of a portable industrial setup.

Special Event Warriors

We have no wish to fixate on an industrial scenario. It’s just hard not to present these case studies when the big brothers of the Quiet Cool range require a few application examples. Still, let’s reel in the industrial examples, for this blocky evaporative cooler is at home at a big event as it is on any dirt-strewn farm. The 1.5 metre square is quick to spin on its wheels, so its slender form factor bows to the hands of an event labourer, perhaps someone who’s working in and around a catered event. A party, a concert, maybe even a wedding reception, all of these outdoor occasions benefit from the fresh, slightly wetted airflow that’s distributed across 270 sq. metres of floor space.

The 13,500 CFM or 16,500 litres per second reservoir fills readily when a simple garden hose is employed as the water appliance’s liquid source. Then the single-phase electrical power supply hooks up to a standard power point. In effect, the Quiet Air 36 (QC36) is built to couple its inner workings to any standard utility point, so water and electricity are always on hand as long as the twin utilities are locally available. Environmentally friendly and built to the highest standards, this evaporative cooling line is the ideal high-performance companion for any overheated outdoor event or workplace.