The QC48 Evaporative cooler looks a little like one of those old Hollywood studio fans, the ones used to create fake movie winds around glamorous film starlets. For starters, it’s big. Coming in at 2-meters tall and 2-meters across, the square blue-silver housing is impossible to miss as it rolls across the floor of a large warehouse. Capability-wise, its far-ranging cooling features are equally impressive.

Designed For Large Factories and Warehouses

Before highlighting those powerful big-space cooling qualities, we choose to take a sharp U-turn. The focus of this article realigns. It takes aim at the types of properties that this monolithic appliance will appear within. Think about the large-scale spaces we’re hinting at here, about the major distribution nexuses and all-in-one factory complexes. Thanks to modern architectural principles and cutting-edge engineering resources, these large floor spaces can fit under a single roof. Robust high-clearance stainless steel frames send such spaces sprawling outwards, so a matching environmental control system is needed to keep staff, equipment, and products cool. Enter the QC48, an evaporative cooler that’s up to the challenge.

QC48 Evaporative Coolers Reach High-Clearance Areas

Sweaty workers, crossing large meters of open space, tire easily. Productivity figures take a tumble. Meanwhile, a temperature-sensitive product is suffering because of the trapped thermal energy, which is radiating off of hot machinery. The 2-meter square frame of one of Australia’s mightiest water-fueled cooling appliances provides relief. It’s capable of dropping hot temperatures by 10 to 15°C. Subsequently, an army of sweaty employees regains focus, the work gets back on track, and the large area workspace begins to hit its production targets. That’s a benefit no chemically powered air conditioning unit can duplicate. Incidentally, this degree of industrial cooling power doesn’t necessitate an equally machine-like internal build. Like all other models in this range, the QC48 is an environmentally friendly asset. Water, cooling media, a fan and a water pump, these components are all that’s required to power this giant among evaporative coolers. Naturally, the moving parts possess more mechanical oomph, though, so expect a 9,200 Liters per second flow rate when this model gets going.

Sticking with the numbers, factories and warehouses, those that use 390 square meters of open space, immediately benefit from this environmentally friendly, wallet congenial cooling solution. But, should a structure’s floor space exceed this size, the cooler can roll towards a hot spot on its toughened casters. Finally, food-safe sites and expansive livestock interiors have much to gain when a QC48 evaporative cooler is rolled in, for there are no industrial strength chemicals used anywhere inside this equipment.