Is there anything more enjoyable than getting outdoors when Melbourne’s summer gets into full swing? We’re not sure that there is, yet dealing with the heat while trying to get things done can be rather unenjoyable. One quick and effective solution to your heating problems can be a surging new technology known as evaporative cooling. Evaporative coolers have been popping up in warehouses, residential properties and commercial buildings all over the country. Let’s talk about what these evaporative coolers can offer you today!

Evaporative Coolers: Heat Relief for Melbourne Summer

Evaporative cooling is a simple type of technology that has existed, in some shape or form, basically forever. Evaporative cooling is best summarised as the cool relief you feel after stepping out of an outdoor pool. Once the air blows across your wet body, you feel a tingle and a chill as the temperature relief sets in. Evaporative coolers come in just about every shape and size that you can imagine so that you can provide heat relief to any building or outdoor application. Let’s highlight the specific benefits that can be derived from the technology.

1) Eco-Friendly, Efficient Cooling – Staying cool doesn’t have to destroy the environment. Evaporative coolers use minimal amounts of energy in order to keep their targeted areas cool. Additionally, evaporative coolers don’t use dangerous chemicals or labor-intensive parts in order to function correctly. Put simply, evaporative coolers are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to keep your property comfortable.

2) Low Maintenance Costs – With evaporative coolers, there is very little in the way of maintenance. Evaporative coolers don’t have many moving parts and the two primary features, the water pump, and motor are easy to replace in the event that they do malfunction. Traditionally, evaporative coolers need roughly two service checks per year in order to maintain their long-term viability.

3) Large Coverage Area – Whether you run a warehouse or simply want to cool your backyard during some outdoor summer activities, evaporative coolers can help you out. As we highlighted above, this type of cooling component can be engineered in order to accommodate any sized room that you need to be treated. From small coolers for small homes to massive coolers for expansive warehouses, you’ll find the comfort you need from an evaporative cooler.

4) Keep The Windows Open – Have you ever been yelled at for having the windows open while the air conditioner ran? With evaporative cooling, you won’t have that concern. You can leave your windows or doors open while the system is in operation without losing comfort or efficiency.

Don’t suffer through Melbourne’s intense heat. Consider adding an evaporative cooler to your home or business