The families and solo travelers who’re strolling past an outdoor cafe aren’t crabby or grumpy. They are, however, a discerning group, and they want to sit comfortably while they eat, drink, and watch the world flow lazily past their resting selves. What they don’t need is a hot spot, a zone of tropically hot air that’ll spoil their appetite. Enter the QC-36, a fully portable evaporative cooler that’s perfect for outdoor cafe usage.

Stopping the Appetite-Sapping Heat

The summer heat is welcome on a beach or pathway. The warm climate even encourages walks around tourist areas and promotes strolls through off-the-beaten-path venues. What the beating sun doesn’t encourage is a comfortable, out of the way meal. Sure, a patio cover or restaurant canopy helps. On poles or on table posts, large-span fabric shelters create cozy little outdoor nooks. However, they can’t stop the oppressive heat. A QC-36 evaporative cooler can take on that role. It’s 1.5-metres tall and 1.5-metres across, so its square housing easily takes aim at a large outdoor dining area.

Cooling Outdoor Dining Patios

Capable of dropping the temperature by 10˚C to 15˚C without using any health-impairing chemicals, the appliance slots tidily into a reserved piece of patio space. Think of it, that degree of heat abatement will benefit an outdoor cafe on a day that’s seen the thermometer mercury rise to 32˚C. The sweltering, appetite inhibiting heat drops to a comfortable 18˚C or 19˚C. The patio awning, which extended on cue at noon, stops radiated heat, just as the QC-36 handles the baking hot convection currents. Between the two of them, a cold glass of soda holds its ice cubes for long minutes while a cool Greek salad stays nice and crisp.

Better Than the Alternative

There’s no way an air conditioning unit can duplicate the operational characteristics of an evaporative cooler, not on this occasion. AC cooling doesn’t work efficiently as an outdoor chilling solution, after all. On the other hand, with cafe doors open and patio tables fully occupied, portable evaporation powered coolers can do their job without breaking the bank. Indeed, the QC-36 features a low running costs capability, which means it’ll only consume 80 ¢ a day while it gently chills your overheated clientele.

Water-powered, there’s no chance a chemical leak can spoil an outdoor dining experience. Interestingly, there’s also some evidence that the QC-36 evaporative cooler will make life uncomfortable for flying pests. Mosquitos and other flying bugs are repelled by the cooling effect, thus leaving diners in peace to reenergize their tired muscles.