vaporative coolers are known to be great alternatives to conventional air conditioning units. They can conveniently cool air through the process of evaporative cooling, which allows the water to absorb a huge amount of heat for it to evaporative. As the liquid water becomes water vapour, the temperature of the air then decreases, providing a room with cool yet fresh air through the coolers’ effective filtration system.

The number of portable models of evaporative coolers in the market right now is growing significantly due to the benefits that they can bring. Aside from providing cool and fresh air, portable evaporative coolers are practical, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. They can easily provide cool air without spending too much energy. They do not even emit harmful toxins and pollutants to the environment.

If you are thinking of having a portable evaporative cooler, then here are some buying and maintenance tips that you can follow.

Buying Your Portable Evaporative Cooler

One of the few things that you should consider in choosing and buying a portable evaporative cooler for your property is its mechanism for wetting the substrate material or the wick. Cheap and affordable evaporator coolers are equipped with a mechanism that will subject the wick in a continuous belt loop, which rotates it through a water reservoir. Other evaporative cooler options, alternatively, do not allow the wick to move. Instead, the water from a pump will just moisten it.

Portable evaporative coolers with a stationary or fixed wick are much more recommended since there are no mechanical components that must move around these pieces of equipment. Rotating belts, which can be found on cheaper evaporative cooler options, have gears and motor drive components that may break and get damaged in the long run.

Some more elements that your portable evaporative cooler should possess are an indicator of the condition or status of the reservoir and a connection for a direct water supply. Knowing the air throw of the portable evaporative cooler before buying it is also significant so you can determine its effectiveness when cooling some rooms and spaces.

Portable Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

As you use your portable evaporative cooler, you must know how to maintain it to prolong its service life. One of the few things that you should do for its maintenance is to clean and refit its prefilter mesh as it blocks off and traps most of the coarse dust from the surroundings. Aside from the prefilter mesh, the wick must also be removed, rinsed off, and refitted since it may also accumulate some dust. However, if your wick has already obtained substantial damages, then you must replace it right away. 

The water found in the reservoir of your evaporative cooler must be flushed out regularly since it may also accumulate dirty elements that have not been filtered by other components. Over the colder months, your reservoir must be left empty and dry so that dust particles will not be able to accumulate and form some crusts, which can damage pipe inlets and pump mechanisms. The use of antibacterial elements in the reservoir is also recommended to keep the water clean.

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