Many property owners are now considering evaporative coolers as their main source of cool air due to their associated benefits. Evaporative coolers are known for their lower energy consumption and expenses. They can also be maintained easier and less expensive than other cooling units. The overall operations of these evaporative coolers are also eco-friendlier than other options since they generally maximise natural cooling options and elements and do not emit harmful toxic emissions.

But before heading out to purchase your own evaporative coolers, you must consider first some important factors. Knowing and assessing the following factors before buying them can make your life easier and prevent expenses that can bring you more troubles instead of enjoying this wonderful cooling option.

Cooling Applications

One factor that you should consider before buying an evaporative cooler is its optimal applications. What is admirable about evaporative coolers is that they can basically cool both indoor and outdoor areas. Even semi-outdoor and commercial spaces with dry or hot conditions can maximise evaporative coolers.

But ideally, the best place to install and use evaporative coolers would be outdoors. If you need to cool your deck, backyard, or patio, then an evaporative cooler is the best for you. Garages, covered porches, and other similar places can likewise benefit from evaporative coolers irrespective of their humidity level. Indoor applications of evaporative coolers are only possible, however, if their climate is not humid.

Size Compatibility

Another factor to consider before buying an evaporative cooler is your needed cooling size and capacity. Evaporative coolers work best if their size easily matches the space that is needed to be cooled. Opting for a small evaporative cooler to cool a huge area will only waste a lot of energy and money. It can also be difficult for the evaporative cooler to keep the space cool if the size is not compatible.

Knowing the right size for your evaporative cooler can be done by knowing the square footage of your area and the cooler’s amount of fresh air cycled through space. The unit for the fresh air cycled through space is cubic feet per minute (CFM). An evaporative cooler that has 200 to 750 CFMs can effectively work on an area with a square footage of up to 250 sq. ft. An area that has over 2,000 sq. ft., alternatively, can work efficiently with an evaporative cooler that has 7,501 or more CFMs.

Options for Filters

The purpose of the filter in evaporative coolers is to collect dust particles, debris, and airborne dust and prevent them from entering the properties. To date, two major types of cooling pads can be utilised as filters. One of these types is usually made from wood wool. The other one, alternatively, is known as rigid media or honeycomb pads. The latter is known to be more expensive than the wood wool pads, but it only requires less maintenance and replacement.

Knowing these factors can help you choose and buy the best evaporative cooler for your property. If you want to know more about evaporative coolers, feel free to contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises.