Portable evaporative coolers boast numerous features that make them suitable for specific properties. For one, they can easily save energy as they mostly rely on fresh air and water-moistened cooling pads. Additionally, they can work effectively even if they are situated in open spaces.

But one major element that must be considered before obtaining portable evaporative coolers is the climate of a specific place. Here in Australia, most regions can easily enjoy the benefits of portable coolers since their humidity level is low. Fortunately, areas with moderate humidity can still maximise the full potential of portable evaporative coolers, especially if they will be used in kitchens, laundromats, greenhouses, warehouses, factories, workshops, and many more.

Generally, portable evaporative coolers are ideal for the Australian climate due to the following reasons:

Compatible Outdoor Conditions

The elements needed for the operations of portable evaporative coolers can all be obtained when they are used here in Australia. Portable evaporative coolers work by drawing in warm stale air and cooling it as it passes over wet cooling pads. And given its working principles, the primary basis on gauging the effectiveness of an evaporative cooler solely depends on the humidity levels of a place, not on its air temperature. Fortunately, most places here in Australia have low to moderate humidity levels, which are favourable for the general cooling conditions of evaporative coolers.

Enough Source of Water Supply

The water availability across the continent of Australia may be limited, but the needed water supply for the evaporative coolers can be sustained in the long run. For portable evaporative coolers to work, they need an ample supply of water to effectively conduct the process of evaporative cooling. As the warm stale air enters the evaporative coolers, they are effectively cooled as the water absorb its heat. This process of absorption will then allow the water to evaporate, which then drops the temperature of the air significantly. The climate here in Australia allows properties to gain water access in various ways.

Fulfilling Cooling Requirements

And as evaporative coolers work effectively with the presence of compatible air and enough water, they are guaranteed to fulfil the cooling requirements and needs of most places here in Australia. Evaporative coolers can cool heavy machinery, equipment, and tools that are utilised in construction, mining, agriculture, and other industries. Even offices, warehouses, and other similar places can be cooled with evaporative coolers, ensuring that the works can alleviate stress and fatigue. Evaporative coolers can also help cool barns and stockyards during the hottest days.

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