Evaporative coolers have some notable benefits that allow owners of residential and commercial properties to easily maintain the coolness of their respective spaces.

One benefit of evaporative coolers is that they can provide cool air that is free from pollutants, allergens, and microbes. Through the coolers’ filtration components, the spread of diseases and other health issues is avoided. Another benefit of evaporative coolers is that they do not emit toxins to the environment. They can likewise save energy and money since they do not need too much power to cool spaces.

But one aspect of the coolers that must be checkedregularly is the water on their systems. The cooling of the air is only possible through cooler pads, and for them to be effective, they must be regularly soaked in water. One element of water that can affect the cooler is its minerals. Without taking any steps, these minerals may amass in certain cooler parts and eventually cause performance issues. To ensure that the mineral deposits build-up on your coolers will be prevented, here are some things that you can do.

Conduct Thorough Cleaning

One way to avoid the build-up of mineral deposits from water is to clean your evaporative cooler parts regularly. The water pan reservoir in the bottom of your unit must be cleaned at least once a month so that the minerals from the water will be eradicated. This specific part can be cleaned by draining its water, rinsing it thoroughly, and scrubbing it with a brush and water-vinegar solution. You can also treat the water pan reservoir with a chemical scale remover so that the water minerals do not stick to the pads.

Another evaporative cooler component that you should clean is the filter. When cleaning this part, you can use a mild detergent and lukewarm water.

Maximise High-Quality Pads

Aside from thorough cleaning of your evaporative cooler, you can also prevent mineral deposits build-up on your system by maximising high-quality cooler pads. Cooler pads are often categorised into various types so they can cater to specific kinds of evaporative coolers. And if they are only rated to work for a certain period of time, then you must change them based on the recommendations of their makers.

Typically, cooler pads must be changed at least two or three times per season. The frequency of changing the pads, however, may increase if the water has a dramatic increase in its mineral deposits.

Store the Unit Appropriately

Somehow related to regular cleaning, you must maintain your evaporative cooler after using it to prevent mineral deposits from ruining its performance. After maximising your evaporative cooler, you must shut it down and drain the unit to avoid deposits from accumulating on certain parts. If your evaporative cooler has a fan-only mode, then you must run the fan for an hour before cleaning it to let everything dry. As for its storage, you must protect it with a canvas cover so that cold drafts will not infiltrate the unit.

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