The number of properties that are switching to evaporative coolers has increased significantly over the past few years. This increase may be due to the associated benefits of these cooling solutions.

Evaporative coolers have working principles that do not truly harm the environment. And since they can easily cool the air with just water, the need for harmful compounds is eliminated. These factors alone make these coolers much favoured over other air conditioning units. Another great benefit of evaporative coolers is that they can improve the air quality of the properties. The filtration of air that happens inside these coolers allows them to generate fresh cool air inside the premises. In return, commercial and office spaces that utilise these coolers can expect a huge increase over their general performance.

But for these benefits to be maximised effectively, property owners like you should opt for evaporative coolers with the correct size.

The Importance of Correct Cooler Size

Just like other cooling units, evaporative coolers may also come in a wide range of sizes. They have different sizes to ensure that all kinds of properties can be accommodated effectively.

As for your property, getting the correct evaporative size can help you fully maximise the potential of your unit. Opting for a small evaporative cooler in a big area would only lead to wasted energy. The evaporative cooler might also operate beyond its recommended capacity, which would only shorten its service life drastically. The spaces inside your property may also fail to cool due to the use of inappropriate evaporative coolers, affecting its daily operations.

Ideally, your evaporative cooler should have a size that is similar or even larger than your property space. Opting for this type of evaporative cooler can be great for your property in the long run since it can easily cool the area without consuming too much energy.

Calculating the Necessary Cooler Size

When calculating the correct evaporative cooler size, you must determine how many cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) can the unit pump. The CFM rating of an evaporative cooler tells you the amount of air that passes through the unit per minute. The higher a cooler’s CFM rating, the faster it can cool your property.

Typically, the CFM of an evaporative cooler is already indicated on its owner’s manual. However, if you cannot find it, you have the option to calculate it by multiplying the square footage of your property by the average height (in feet) of your ceiling. Once you have obtained the answer, you must divide it by the recommended air changes per hour. For evaporative coolers, the recommended air exchanges per hour range between 20 to 40, with an average of 30.

Keeping these things in mind can help you obtain evaporative coolers that are appropriate to your property. If you need some more help in picking and buying the right evaporative coolers for you, feel free to call us at Peter Ross Enterprises.