Over the past couple of years, evaporative coolers have been very beneficial for a lot of residential and commercial properties. They can filter all harmful contaminants and pollutants that can emit unpleasant odours and cause various illnesses. These coolers can likewise save a huge amount of energy as they only consume 80% less than the conventional air conditioning units.

If you are using an evaporative cooler, then you have certainly experienced all these mentioned benefits. However, evaporative coolers may also deteriorate over time, which might call for a replacement immediately. To help you out, here are some reasons why you need to replace your evaporative cooler.

Unequal Coolness

One prominent reason why you should replace your evaporative cooler is that it does not provide cool air to some parts of a specific room or space. Uneven coolness in a room typically signifies that your evaporative cooler cannot meet the cooling requirements of a room.

Hidden Water Damage

Evaporative coolers typically utilise water for the cooling process. However, since the water is not typically seen by property owners, then it might cause some hidden problems in the long run. Instances of leaks may occur within the cooler, which may result in costly repairs around the property.

Stains on the Roof

As the water flows to the cooler’s overflow drain, it might leave some water stain or streak on the roof. As time passes by, this stain or streak can cause discolouration on your roof that can only be removed by shingles replacement.

Water Consumption

Water makes the evaporative cooler functional. However, if you intend to save a huge amount of water, then you might want to replace your evaporative cooler with other air conditioning options. After all, water consumption can cost a lot of money.

High Humidity Level

Evaporative coolers thrive mostly in environments that have low humidity. If your area often experiences high humidity level, then you can expect your evaporative cooler to not work effectively and efficiently. 

Early Surprise Freeze

The sudden drop in temperatures can easily burst the water lines of your evaporative cooler. And when this happens, you might be forced to get on the roof to fix the water lines or risk of having more water damage. Not only you are risking your life, but it can likewise cost you more expenses.

Extremely Cold Air

Evaporative coolers may have been winter-proofed, but your property is still not safe for cold air as the holes will allow the air to enter. Cold air can be a problem for some properties, especially if some people are sensitive to low temperatures.  

Injuries and Accidents

Some evaporative coolers have to be switched on and off from the roof. Therefore, one of you does not have a choice but to go to your roof just to start-up or shut down the cooler. And in some instances, one might fall accidentally, which can be extremely dangerous.

Health Concerns

While the pads of evaporative coolers are intended to block off allergens and pollutants from entering a property, they must be replaced regularly to avoid mould or pollen formation. Without replacing the pads regularly, they can easily trigger allergic reactions and cause respiratory problems to some people.

Other Better Options

Another reason why you should replace your evaporative cooler is that there might be some other air conditioning options that are much more recommended for your property. While evaporative coolers can be beneficial for some, the disadvantages that they bring for you might risk your overall life quality.