One equipment that is becoming popular in many household and commercial facilities is evaporative coolers. They serve as a substitute to air-conditioning units that are known for spending a huge amount of energy for them to regulate the temperature of a room. Some of these units even emit harmful elements on the atmosphere, contributing to the warming of the planet.

What is an evaporative cooler?

Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are equipped with features that help keep the air cooler, create clean and constant circulating air, humidify a specific space, and operate at lower noise levels compared to other air conditioning units.

An evaporative cooler can harness and draw the power of evaporation to cool air temperatures. The process of cooling air starts with a fan pulling external hot air into the unit. Then, this hot air will be sent through a series of water-soaked cooling pads for them to be processed through evaporation. Once the hot air enters the cooling pads, its temperature will be significantly decreased. Once the air is converted, the unit will then blow the cooler air inside your room or building. You can better understand the effect of this process by rubbing cold water on your skin on a hot day.

How does it improve air quality?

While some air conditioning unit resorts to recycling air inside your room, an evaporative cooler tells a different story. With evaporative coolers, fresh air is being processed constantly to provide you more health benefits than their counterparts.

Some air conditioning units are designed to just move recycled air throughout your property. Using recycled air can push dust and dirt around your home, which can affect your respiratory system. Alternatively, evaporative coolers utilise fresh air every time they operate. The purpose of processing hot air through water-saturated pads is to not only cool it but also provide more moisture in it. An environment with a healthy level of moisture is much easier to breathe. Even your belongings can benefit from this moisture since they won’t get dried out or warped in the humidity and heat.

Supplementary elements that are minimised through evaporative coolers are dirt and dust. Aside from their purpose in the evaporation process, the water-soaked pads of the coolers can also block most of the dirt, dust, and other related elements. They can effectively filter these elements so that they won’t have to enter your property. Any build-up of these elements is greatly reduced, which can help prevent allergies and trigger lung irritation.Are there any benefits?

Aside from providing better air quality, evaporative coolers can also provide more benefits to people and the environment. The use of natural hot air and water in reducing room temperature significantly lowers the cost of power consumption. Evaporative coolers are also cleaner to operate since they don’t release any types of toxins in the air.

Another great thing about evaporative coolers is that they come in different styles and sizes. Some of them are designed to be attached to windows that are perfect for home, while others can come in a huge form factor that can accommodate commercial facilities. With these options, any household and facility can maximise the use of evaporative coolers for more cost-efficient power consumption and a sustainable environment.

With evaporative coolers, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality air-condition without harming your health and the environment. To know more information about evaporative coolers, just ask us at Peter Ross Enterprises.