One great alternative to the typical air conditioning units is the use of portable evaporative coolers. These coolers can deliver a high level of cooling power in a highly effective way. They are known to consume less energy without sacrificing cooling performance. Evaporative coolers are also notable for their affordable price value and cheap operation costs.

Portable evaporative coolers release water vapour into the atmosphere that helps lower the temperature of a specific area or room. If you want to purchase a portable evaporative cooler, you should consider the following important environmental factors for more remarkable and astonishing results.

Cooling and Energy Sources

Portable evaporative coolers are naturally energy efficient. They can perform optimally without spending a huge amount of electricity. They consume 50 percent less energy than refrigerated cooling systems, which can be considered a huge amount of savings for a cooling system. Moreover, the only components that they need are fresh air source and water. If you really want to have a lesser impact on the environment, you can consider purchasing a cooler that does not run on electrical power. Instead, choose a cooler that runs on a battery or any other cost-saving resources.

Refrigerants and Toxins

In a nutshell, almost all portable evaporative coolers do not release harmful refrigerants and elements to the atmosphere. The process of evaporative cooling does not rely on toxic chemicals, so you do not have to worry about damaging the earth’s ozone layer and your surroundings. Practically, you can choose any portable evaporative cooler as long as it does not contain refrigerants, toxic chemicals, and other harmful components or compressor.

Air Elements and Pollutants

Another great thing about most portable evaporative coolers is its ability to perform cooling functionalities without polluting the air. When they process the air to be released in your room or area, all odour-causing pollutants and dirt are filtered out. These coolers also don’t release the filtered elements back to the outdoor atmosphere. Pick a portable evaporative cooler that can effectively filter out everything harmful and, at the same time, prevent pollutants from getting back to the air.

Humidity Level and Conditions

From energy source to pollutants, one great environmental consideration in choosing your portable evaporative cooler is the humidity level in your area. Evaporative coolers work best when your indoor area has a relative humidity that is less than 60%. Basements, bedrooms, and living areas can utilise this equipment as long as there is a fresh air source. Semi-outdoor areas like garages, patios, pool decks, and others can also maximise the potential of these coolers. Outdoor applications like sporting events, tailgating, and backyard can still make portable evaporative coolers work.

With these environmental factors, you are guaranteed to reach a better decision when you purchase your own portable evaporative cooler. For more questions about evaporative coolers, just contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises.