Unique among cooling appliances, at least when it comes to cleaning, evaporative coolers provide an inbuilt system housekeeping feature. Sure, it’s a minor piece of maintenance assisting muscle, but every little bit helps. Fact number one, then, concerns the equipment’s water cycling capabilities. If there’s dirt in the tank, it won’t collect for long because the water its water reservoir is topped up regularly. Here, let’s get that opener down on this FAQ sheet.

Does An Evaporative Cooler Self-Clean?

As long as the operator changes the water in the equipment reservoir regularly, a significant quantity of the part’s aging grime is continually ejected from its innards.

Are There Filters In There?

Yes, and those contaminant-sieving components will become choked over time. Water filters clean the circulated fluid before it reaches the pad media. Higher up on the unit, air filters stop airborne particles.

Can The Filters Be Cleaned?

It depends on the media. Honeycomb filters can be cleaned with a little pressurized water and a lot of elbow grease. For water filters, calcium build-up is a major issue, one that requires a mild cleansing agent.

When Are The Filters Replaced?

For air filter build-up, vacuum cleaners and water hoses work miracles. Still, air filters need to be replaced once, perhaps as many as three times a year. For water filters, a replacement schedule that switches out the old media for new filters every few months is not unusual.

How Is The Reservoir Maintained?

Over time, a layer of hard water collects at the bottom of the water tank. To break up this film, warm water and soap can sit inside the tank for an hour or more. If that mild cleansing action doesn’t work, try the same method again, but this time try using a mixture of white vinegar and water.

What’s The Secret Weapon?

Sure, there’s an agitation tool that helps every stage of this chore-like service. It’s a plastic-fibre brush, a handheld tool that’ll get into every nook and cranny of the interior. For example, with reservoir hard water coatings, it helps break up the calcium film so that the vinegar can get to work.

Light maintenance work or heavy-duty cleansing operation, the job won’t get done until a maintenance kit is on-hand. There’s the vacuum cleaner, which cleans dust and dirt from the air filters. There are the new filtration media packages to purchase, assuming the old filters are past their prime. So, yes, the cleaning and maintenance work is easy. However, it has to be done properly, to be conducted exhaustively. Otherwise, a stubborn odour or pump-damaging contaminant hangs stubbornly around, waiting for its opportunity.