The hunt for energy efficiency in the realm of cooling and heating can seem to be a never-ending one. Whether your goal is to properly cool down a massive warehouse or you simply want to keep a garage cool, your options may seem limited. Surging in popularity in recent years has been the evaporative cooling industry. Evaporative cooling promises a great many cooling benefits to buildings of all sizes. Despite how effective evaporative cooling is, there are many myths and floating misconceptions going around. Today, we’ll seek to clarify some of the most common misconceptions that people have about evaporative cooling.

Myths & Misconceptions about Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative coolers are based on an incredibly simple form of technology. In fact, evaporative cooling has been for as long as we have existed. All evaporative cooling is, essentially, is cool air blowing over a moist surface. Remember getting out of the pool during the summer? Remember that first breeze that made you shiver? That is evaporative cooling. Despite the simplicity of the technology, so many people are confused about the concept. Let’s lay out a few common myths and misconceptions.

1) Myth #1 – Evaporative Coolers Cost Too Much To Run.

First and foremost, evaporative cooling units are among the most energy efficient cooling products on the market. Evaporative coolers use precious little electricity while in operation. As a result, evaporative coolers are considerably cheaper to run than a typical air conditioning unit. This is particularly true when you compare air conditioning units to evaporative coolers for larger coverage areas, such as a warehouse.

2) Myth #2 – Evaporative Coolers Need A Lot Of Maintenance.

We understand why this misconception got started, but it is still a misconception. Evaporative coolers are impressive looking machines but they actually have very little going on inside of them. In fact, the most complicated piece in the entire cooler is the pump. As long as you pay attention to your cooler, you won’t have to deal with any major points of maintenance unless something breaks. As we already stated, there is very little inside the evaporative cooler that CAN break. Evaporative coolers are durable, long-lasting machines.

3) Myth #3 – Evaporative Coolers Won’t Work In High Humidity.

Finally, there is the misconception that evaporative coolers won’t operate in high-humidity. That just isn’t true and we aren’t sure why people believe it. Evaporative coolers work well no matter the heat or humidity level of the environment. You can rest assured that your evaporative cooler will do its job in order to keep you cool in your business or home.