Seasons are changing all over the world, some are starting winter and others are having the summer or spring creeping in. Wherever you may find yourself or in which season you are at some point the need to stay cool will arise so why not be prepared with an evaporative cooler?

Evaporative coolers offer the same purpose as air conditioning thus we come to the question of what makes them different. The way they function is what causes one to be unalike the other. Evaporative coolers firstly use less power in addition to being less costly than air conditioners for purchase as well as maintenance. What the evaporative cooler does is basically taking the hot air and pushing it through water thus cooling the air temperature along with adding water particulars to the cool air being released.

Air conditioners on the other hand takes hot air and basically just cools it down thus expelling cooled dry air and is only suitable for use in completely closed in areas whereas evaporative coolers function best in areas with a breeze. Air conditioners also have a high use of power thus works out more costly in the end.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from an evaporative cooler system.

  • The operating cost of such a system is much less than most other cooling systems even up to a 75% decrease in power usage can be seen if measured again other cooling systems.
  • The purchase cost and maintenance cost is much lower than another cooling system for the same size area.
  • It functions on a 240 volt power line thus there is no need for specific high voltage circuits.

Evaporative coolers can bring the temperature down by about 6 degrees within the area it is being used in. It also aids in causing a breeze by pulling in the heated air into the unit and blowing it out on the other side as water cooled air, causing the same effect as you have when getting out of a swimming pool and the wind meets your body for a chilling cool.

Evaporative coolers are also environment friendly by causing a natural cooling system. Most air conditioners require the area to be closed in thus only circulation the same air through the area whereas evaporative coolers prefer a breeze bringing in fresh air constantly. Evaporative coolers also moisten the air it produces consequently serves as a natural humidifier. By drying out the air one could experience dry itchy eyes, dry skin or even dry throat causing problems as time goes by but this can all be evaded with the use of an evaporative cooling system.

Evaporative coolers has also adjusted to technological advances in the industry offering you a range of options such as LCD Control Panels, Remote Control, Humidifier Only or Fan Only use, Programmable Timer Settings and much more. Get assistance from the professionals on a system best suited for you by having a look at their web page and talking to people who has the expertise in this field.