The working principles of evaporative coolers allow them to be sustainable and useful for a lot of properties. Basically, they take in hot air from the surroundings and subsequently transfer it towards the water-soaked cooling pads. As the hot temperature of the air interacts with pads, the air becomes cooler, which is then sent to spaces and areas that require cool fresh air.

Converting hot air into cool air is possible through the process of evaporative cooling. As long as the evaporative coolers have an ample supply of water and that the surroundings have low humidity, they can surely provide the needed high-quality air for a long time without spending too many resources.

Given how evaporative coolers work, many commercial property owners have gradually integrated them as part of their daily operations. Some of the major commercial properties that can benefit and take advantage of these coolers are as follows:


Warehouses, storerooms, and other similar establishments are designed to store tons of products. Some products may be designed to withstand a wide range of temperature, but others can easily get damaged when exposed to too much heat. The presence of evaporative coolers, fortunately, can easily provide these products with optimal storage condition that can prevent them from getting damaged. Aside from the stored products, evaporative coolers can also provide cool air to warehouse employees on-site, ensuring that they do not obtain health-related problems due to indoor heat exposure.


Another commercial property that can take advantage of evaporative coolers is the office. A lot of people work in offices, and as they grow in number, the spaces intended for them can get a little bit crowded. The crowding of the offices can then increase the overall indoor temperature. One solution that office managers would often go for when dealing with the increased temperature is the addition of air conditioning units. These units, however, will only generate larger utility costs. Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, will not only grant substantial energy savings but can also provide comfort to employees.


The healthcare environment, which can be found in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, must be monitored all the time so that any risks of cross-contamination will be prevented. What is great about evaporative coolers is that they can somehow filter microbes and other particles that can ruin the quality of air. They can likewise control the humidity of the surroundings, which cannot be achieved by conventional air conditioning units. The amount of infectious microbes and hazardous allergens can be mitigated effectively with the use of evaporative coolers.

Data Centres

Data centres are often equipped with tons of computers, servers, and other hardware components that are essential to their overall operations. Since all these products rely heavily on a stable electricity supply, they are expected to generate a lot of heat inside the data centres. Industrial humidifier and air conditioning units may already cool some parts of these properties, but they can still cause dangers due to electrostatic discharges. Evaporative coolers, alternatively, do not pose dangers as they can provide pre-set air temperature, preventing any instances of overheating and short-outs.

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