Many property owners today maximise evaporative coolers as one of the main cooling solutions on their properties given the functions that they can provide. Evaporative coolers can cool air through the evaporation of water, which is far different from other cooling systems that utilise refrigerants.

The operation behind evaporative coolers is pretty straightforward. As these coolers pull hot air from the outside through their fans, they eventually send the air through a series of wet pads. The interaction of the hot air and water-soaked pads enables the evaporation process, making the air much cooler before blowing it out into the room or property. This specific process of cooling air makes evaporative coolers already efficient when it comes to energy consumption and utility costs. However, more actions can be done to optimise their operations.

Some tips that you can do to optimise the operations of your evaporative coolers are as follows:

Allow the Fresh Air In

One tip that can help in boosting the performance and efficiency of your evaporative coolers is to let fresh air in. Your evaporative coolers can still work without opening your windows. However, the air inside your property may become humid, making the evaporative coolers less efficient. Alternatively, opening the windows allow fresh air to come in and enter your property. And as your evaporative coolers absorb this specific air, they can generate enough damp air out of your space or area without any problem. For optimal result, you may want to allow an inch or two of air space from outdoors for your coolers.

Find the Right Place

Another handy tip that can help optimise the performance and operations of your evaporative coolers is to position them in the right place. In finding the right place for their installation, you may want to position their fans to blow directly toward the specific room or area. The air from your evaporative coolers must directly blow towards your dining table, living sofa, or even the bed to obtain the peak cool air temperature that they can produce. Just make sure that your evaporative coolers have the correct size to effectively cool a specific area of a room or space and fill it with healthy cold air.

Prime the Pads Evenly

As previously mentioned, the pads inside the evaporative coolers are designed to carry out the evaporation process in cooling the hot air from the outside. Therefore, cool air can only be produced if the pads are primed evenly and effectively. To prime the pads, you must fill the reservoir with water and let it reach the pads evenly. The pads may take time for them to fully absorb the water, which is why you must allocate at least 15 minutes before starting the operations of your evaporative coolers. Doing this tip allows you to not only save time but can also help save a tremendous amount of energy.

There are more tips that you can do to optimise the performance of your evaporative coolers. To know more about them, feel free to call us at Peter Ross Enterprises.