First of all who wants to pay the outrageous prices of having central heat and air when an evaporative cooler will do the job just as well or better? Evaporative coolers are becoming more and more popular as the months wear on. You see them used a lot in warehouses, large outdoor events, green houses and construction sites. However, home owners are purchasing them as well to help cool their homes without having to pay the cost of what it charges to run a window unit or central heat and air.

It just makes sense to save money and cool your house or business effectively.

Evaporative coolers are unique and it doesn’t have to run solely on electricity like central heat and air or window units. Evaporative coolers have a unique design that runs off of not only less electric but depends mostly on water. Yes, that’s right I said water! Water pads that are located within the unit help to cool the atmosphere around you buy pulling in the hot air. Then when the water mixes with the hot air and evaporates it considerably cools the area in question much better than any other cooling system out there.

In order to run an evaporative cooler the things you will need are actually everyday things you find in and around your home. A standard water hose is required for the larger models of this unit which are mainly used outdoors and also fresh air. Of course the electrical outlet is a must but it doesn’t cost near as much electricity to run as air units which is where you are saving your money at. Investing in an evaporative cooler is going to save you money in the long run although they can run pretty high for the units. However within the first two months it will make up for the price of the unit that you buy.

You also need to keep in mind that there are different models and different sizes of evaporative coolers to choose from and it all really depends on the size of the space in which you going to cool. As I said the larger units are used outdoors and in large places that hold a lot of people. Good examples of these are places such as gymnasiums, concert halls, and large or small outdoor events such as concerts and family reunions that are held at lakes, beaches or parks. The smaller units are used in homes and offices around the world. Keep in mind with smaller units there is more noise because it is pulling large amounts of air through a smaller space or motor than the larger units.

The key to running small evaporative units is having a window that will allow fresh air to come through and be able to circulate through the cooler. There are many different reasons to invest in an evaporative cooler and the main on being they are cost effective.