Thoughts of pollution make you turn on your tap and look for brown water. Even a supposedly efficient air cooling solution, one that uses coils and chemicals, will have you checking the filters to see if they need replacing. But noise pollution is a very real problem. Fortunately, evaporative coolers come equipped with all of the noise-free components to resolve this issue.

Remarkably Quiet Cooling

The airborne pollutants distributed by a cooling or heating appliance are obvious to all when studied up close, but, and this is an important point, noise is a much more subjective matter. Simply put, what causes one person to grimace and cover his ears will just be “sort of loud” to the next person, and that’s not even taking into account hearing loss. So, in order to promote a truly comfortable environment, one that’s cool and just humid enough, noise content must also receive consideration. Evaporative coolers come to the rescue once more. They consolidate their mechanisms and entirely eliminate the components that are so essential in more complex solutions. There are no coils to expand or contract, so the audible popping and hissing of these parts isn’t a problem. Instead, a slow-moving fan with lubricated bearings rotates without issuing a sound, and a pump silently drives water around a network of small tubes. Evaporative technology is passive by engineering standards and just as passive when it comes to noise generation.

Runs Noise-Free When Cooling Large Areas

Binding noise pollution laws govern factory environments, which means evaporative coolers can’t add to the problem. Next, these portable machines are used to keep animals cool and plants growing in a harmonious environment. A startling noise produced by a belt-driven fan would cause a terrible commotion and scare the animals, which would be disastrous. And finally, social convention loves conversations and a quiet hum of voices, but if we add machinery to the mix, lively chatter is disturbed and broken. Frankly, what with the growing popularity of outdoor weddings and summer parties in the garden, evaporative cooling continues to idealise quiet functionality and reserved power. Instead, power is directed where it’s required, to the silent fan and the water-soaked cooling pads.

Thus far we’ve seen the invaluable nature of portable evaporative appliances as they’re rolled into airy warehouse spaces and livestock areas, but this sound pollution issue hasn’t received much coverage. Thankfully, the passive build of a high-quality evaporative housing favours silence, which means these invaluable climate controllers are ideal for any occasion where audible tones aren’t welcome.