Keeping cool with the summer sun is shining down can be an almost Herculean task and this even extends to when you are indoors. Whether you are looking to stay cool in a small office or just a portion of your home, your needs are going to be relatively consistent. You’ll want some sort of cooling device that keeps you comfortable while not exacerbating your utility bill or freezing the entire building. What is your solution? Well, for our part we believe in the viability of evaporative coolers. Today, we are specifically going to discuss the value of the QC-18 Evaporative Cooler and how it can make a serious difference in your home or office this summer.

The Power of the QC-18 Evaporative Cooler

Before diving into the QC-18 specifically, we should spend at least a moment touting the value of evaporative coolers in a general sense. Evaporative cooling is a fancy name for a simple cooling method. Evaporative cooling is all about pushing air over a cold product in order to cool the room directly in front of the breeze. Consider how it feels when you get out of a swimming pool. Your body is wet but the breeze makes you feel colder. This is essentially how evaporative cooling works. Alright, with that being said we can move on to a discussion surrounding the QC-18 Evaporative Cooler.

There are many evaporative coolers available on the marketplace right now due to the fact that they are quickly becoming the solution that every business and home is pursuing for their cooling needs. The QC-18 Evaporative Cooler is a nifty little device that effectively cools down small areas in homes, offices and even sections of a warehouse. The QC-18 Evaporative Cooler is made in Australia and offers the largest capacity evaporative cooler that you can find in the entire country. Pretty impressive, right?

The QC-18 Evaporative Cooler costs roughly 80c per day to run and it will cool down a small area by nearly 15′ c. The QC-18 Evaporative Cooler is slated to cover roughly 70 SQ/M of space all on its own before you have to consider adding a second device or tightening up the size of the area that needs to be cooled down. With this kind of coverage at the daily price point that we listed above, there is almost nothing that can compete with the QC-18.

People looking to get ahead of their utility bills this summer will want to consider the QC-18 Evaporative Cooler as a viable option. Contact us today in order to learn more.