If you own some type of a large structure that requires cooling at least for part of the year, you may consider using some QuietCool evaporative coolers. After all, these coolers are high performers that are easy to operate and ideal for a wide range of settings. Also, they are more cost-effective than traditional air conditioning is for your size of space, which helps keep your power bills manageable.

How Evaporative Coolers Operate

Evaporative coolers cool the air by using water evaporation principles rather than how air conditioners work on the absorption or vapour-compression refrigeration cycles. When the moisture from the coolers hits the dry air, there is a significant drop in temperature. Since these coolers require less energy to perform their function, they are the cost-effective option for large spaces in comparison to traditional air conditioning methods.

Why QuietCool Evaporative Coolers?

QuietCool evaporative coolers are easy to operate, hold up over time, more efficient than standard fans are and use less power that air conditioning. In fact, the quality of these coolers are unmatched by any other ones in this industry. Please note here that all of the QuietCool evaporative coolers are made in Australia and have the largest of capacity of this type of coolers in this country. Also, these coolers require no maintenance. You have the flexibility of installing and possibly moving them anywhere in your structure that requires cooling. Employees will be able to concentrate on their daily tasks more effectively when you cool their work environment in this reliable fashion. Along with all of this, you can use these coolers in a wide variety of locations, including:

  • Greenhouses to prevent the temperature from being too hot for the plants
  • Livestock barns to keep the animals comfortable, healthy and calm
  • Factories, loading docks and warehouses can be incredibly hot places to work without the proper cooling, such as these evaporative coolers provide
  • Equestrian centres
  • Outdoor venues, such as restaurant patios and festivals
  • Fitness centres

Models of QuietCool Evaporative Coolers

  • QC 18 will provide cooling for up to 70 square metres of floor space.
  • QC 36 is fully portable and cools a floor space of up to 270 square metres effectively. 
  • QC 48 also is fully portable, and it efficiently cools up to a floor area of up to 390 square metres.

For further information about QuietCool evaporative coolers, browse through our website or contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you on which model is right for your purposes and provide you with an accurate quote.